Beyond Paradise stars ‘confirm’ Humphrey and Martha’s fate

Beyond Paradise: Martha tells Humphrey about not wanting children

Beyond Paradise has been airing on BBC One with Kris Marshall and Sally Bretton reprising their beloved Death in Paradise roles. Humphrey Goodman and Martha Lloyd have had their relationship put to the ultimate test with a number of personal challenges. The stars spoke exclusively to and other press about how their characters cope with it all.

Fans of the series have followed Humphrey and Martha on their heartbreaking IVF journey.

Having lost her baby at the start of the season, Martha recently made the tough decision to stop trying for another.

Although Humphrey was clearly devastated, he showed nothing but support for his future wife.

Alongside this, a love triangle ensued with Martha’s ex-fiance, Archie Hughes (Jamie Bamber).

The stars appeared to confirm the couple’s fate when they spoke ahead of the series airing.

Bretton said: “It’s lovely for them to be back because they have had that wonderful happy ending, didn’t they?

“And it was great to see what happened at the end of that happily ever after, and it was a real love match with those two.

“They really do love each other, when we join them they have been together five or six years when life is more real and it’s not just that sort of holiday romance.

“They have lived real things and have supported each other through real things and so the relationship has deepened and it was just great to explore that in a more real way I suppose.”

Marshall echoed his co-star’s thoughts, reiterating the fact they are the perfect match.

He added: “I would agree with all of that, they genuinely love each other.

“They genuinely are a beautiful fit, like a sort of beautifully glued-together table.

“There is a real genuine love and commitment to each other. They found each other in the end and they made it work.

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“But it’s also a joy to explore other areas of their life, the challenges, the personal issues they have to deal with.

“But doing that in an honest, sensitive…but also doing it in a way that’s still entertaining, it was delightful.

“It was such a delight to see what happens when you undo that happily ever after box.

“You do it up in a nice little bow and you put it away and you go ‘ok, that was the end of that’, and what happens when you undo it?

“What’s it really like? That was the really fun thing about it.”

Ahead of the series airing, executive producer Tim Key said Martha and Humphrey’s personal relationship is key.

He said: “It’s the thing that really takes us into new territory. We wanted to tell a truthful story about a couple finding their way, after the high point of their romantic union in Death in Paradise where they sailed off into the sunset.

“Our question was, what happened next? We explore this in all sorts of different ways, particularly through their journey wanting to start a family and become parents.

“We wanted to tell an honest story of how hard this is, and what the definition of family means.

“They bring such truth and heart and warmth to that story that we knew we could do something surprising which people wouldn’t expect from the show, alongside what people absolutely do expect, such as the puzzles and warm-hearted fun.”

Beyond Paradise airs on Fridays on BBC One at 8pm.

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