Best 'Game of Thrones' Premiere Memes: Creepy Bran, Sad Sam and Cersei's Elephants Steal Show

Also setting Twitter ablaze: Arya’s flirtations and Sansa’s side-eye.

The Season 8 premiere of "Game of Thrones" blew up Twitter on Sunday night like Cersei did the Sept, with almost all the characters from the HBO series becoming a top trend.

The hour was packed with long-awaited reunions, Jon Snow finally going on his very first dragon ride and creepy gazes from both Bran and one of Dany’s fire-breathing children.

Here’s everything that went viral on Twitter as and after the episode aired. For a full breakdown of the premiere, check out our recap right here.

Warning: Like the show itself, there’s some explicit language ahead!

Jon Rides a Dragon and Drogon’s Jealous

Until now, we’d only see Dany and the Night King atop one of the mythical creatures, but on Sunday, Jon also went for a wild ride. He and his auntie/love interest soared over the North on separate beasts, before stopping for a waterfall-side smooch.

As they kissed, Drogon gave Jon quite a look — one that was interpreted by viewers as outright jealous on the dragon’s behalf.

After the episode aired, star Kit Harington opened up about filming the scene in question with a wince-inducing story about one of his testicles getting caught while shooting. That story, too, went viral.

Sam and Dany’s Horrific Connection

Samwell Tarly had his first interaction with Dany last night and, well, it could have gone a lot better.

After he casually let his last name slip, the Mother of Dragons was hit with the revelation she killed her boyfriend-nephew’s best friend’s father and brother. She was honest with Sam about what happened, breaking the news to him bit by bit, as he proceeded to break down in tears.

Creepy Bran

Bran hasn’t been the same since becoming the Three Eyed Raven and seeing him finally interact with characters he’s been separated from for a long time is really driving that point home.

He was the bearer of bad news and bringer of creepy stares, as he kept popping up throughout the hour all around the courtyard of Winterfell.

The episode ended with the best stare of all though, as he finally came face to face with the guy who threw him out of a tower in the series premiere, Jaime Lannister.

These ones reallllly killed us:

Cersei Wants Euron … and Elephants

As Cersei builds her army at King’s Landing, Euron has been doing all he can to bed the queen. And while he successfully brought her the Golden Company and a fleet of warriors, he wasn’t successful in securing her what she really wanted: elephants. She wasn’t thrilled, but Twitter was.

While her quote, "You want a queen? Earn her," was one of the standouts of the night, Cersei still ended up hooking up with him … perhaps to say he’s the father of her baby (if she’s actually pregnant).

Missandei and Grey Worm Stand Out

Arriving in the North alongside their queen, Missandei and her Unsullied boyfriend Grey Worm were met with odd glances from the residents of Winterfell.

It seems they’ve never seen a POC before and while the moment was brief, there were many on social media who could relate.

Sansa vs. Dany Showdown

The North may not be big enough for these two, as Sansa’s first interactions with Dany were as cold as Winterfell itself. The Khaleesi picked up on the side-eye and biting remarks, telling Jon flat out that she didn’t think Sansa liked her.

It’s clear Sansa is respected in the North, while Dany and her army of newcomers aren’t exactly welcome.

Arya Flirts!

Another long-awaited reunion was the one between Arya and Gendry and the wirefire crackling between these two was HOT.

Between him playfully calling her, "Milady," and Arya giving one final look back as she walked away, the flirtation is on and we are here for it.

"Game of Thrones" airs Sundays on HBO.

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