Benidorm writer reveals horrifying moment he saw star punch crew member – and bosses did NOTHING

BENIDORM writer Derren Litten revealed the shocking moment he witnessed a co-star punch a crew member.

The creator of one of the UK's leading comedy shows revealed bosses took no action against the well-known star after they apologised for their actions.

The 50-year-old, who is also a co-writer of The Catherine Tate Show, said: "We once saw an actor punch a member of crew. Their response? ‘What r u going to do? Sack me?’”

Litten was even willing to edit the script and write out the offending cast member, all was forgiven after they said sorry.

“I was up for rewriting everything and getting rid of said person but it was decided, between several execs (and the person who was punched) that an apology was OK," he added.

After nearly 30 years in the industry, there isn't much that Darren has not seen or heard and described the entertainment business as a "law unto itself."

He went on: "This industry is insane. The television/theatre industry is kind of a law unto itself.

I don’t know any other jobs you can turn up drunk, refuse to do part or all of the day’s work or indeed get your c**k out, and not get fired.”

Derren was asked to pen six half-hour episodes about holidaymakers living it up in the sunshine back in 2007.

The writer could never have imagined the comedy – set in Spain's seaside resort Benidorm – would go on to entertain viewers for over a decade.

The award-winning ITV comedy about Brits abroad ran for ten series until it was pulled off air due to a drop in ratings in 2018.

It was revealed in 2019 that a Benidorm film was in the works, but sadly for die hard fans it was cancelled the following year after Derren announced his retirement from writing to open Mateo's in Benidorm.

Named after barman Mateo from the show, Derren said the bar will be stuffed full of memorabilia for fans.

Derren made a statement on social media which read: "So I made a decision to step away from making tv programmes for a while and I sat down and thought about the things I like doing. I like Benidorm, I like drinking, I like karaoke, I like socialising. But how on earth could I make an income from all that?

"That's when I first got excited about the idea of opening a karaoke bar in Benidorm."

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