Bear meets a young woman who's lost her memory in Doctors

Bear (Dex Lee) stumbles upon an interesting case in Doctors when a woman called Jillian Scorby (Beth Mullen) walks into The Mill.

Jillian is not old at all – she is thirty – but it quickly emerges that she is very confused indeed. She has no memory of what day it is or how she came to be there.

Bear is, of course, Practice Manager rather than a doctor himself, so asks Sid (Ashley Rice) to take a look at Jillian.

Sid can find nothing obviously wrong with her but recommends she go to A&E.

The only phone number Jillian seems able to remember is her father’s, so Bear leaves a voicemail with him.

However, the memory of her father seems to make Jillian want to vomit.

Bear is concerned: just what is going on?

Later, Jillian’s sister, Hannah (Georgia Burnell) manages to get in touch and speaks to Bear.

Hannah is surprised to learn Jillian is in Letherbridge and is clearly concerned for her sister’s welfare.

Can Bear get to the bottom of this dark and troubling mystery?

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