BBC’s Tomasz Schafernaker distracts Countryfile fans in ’tight’ shirt

BBC Weather forecasts jet stream to push rain towards UK

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Tomasz Schafernaker joined Countryfile veteran John Craven as well as Adam Henson and many others on Sunday evening’s show on BBC One. With the UK population looking forward to some warmer temperatures this week, of course, with the ever-lingering threat of rain too, Tomasz was on hand to detail exactly what viewers could expect.

However, just moments into the forecast, in which presenters have become famous for donning casual outfits, Tomasz caught the eye.

The meteorologist opted for a dark green shirt tucked into a pair of grey trousers.

While the casual ensemble isn’t far from what Countryfile fans expect, some were quick to cheekily point out it looked rather snug on Tomasz.

Taking to Twitter, user @ihnewman commented: “Tomaz your pecks bursting out that shirt #countryfile.”

While @PJDavies1962 poked fun at Strictly Come Dancing star Matt Goss who had sparked a similar reaction during his performance on Saturday evening.

They wrote: “Fair doos to Tomasz, can’t be easy racking off the forecast with strides nearly as tight as the Goss man!#countryfile.”

Matt Naylor weighed into the conversation by mocking their fellow viewers: “Eyes on the map, w****s #countryfile.”

And David King added to the innuendos: “Tomasz displaying his Green credentials #countryfile.”

If the fit of Tomasz’s outfit wasn’t enough, others complained about the lack of character in his attire.

Dylan Roberts argued: “Lovely shade of teal. NOT CHECK THOUGH IS IT TOMASZ! #Countryfile.”

While Howard Batey aired their disappointment: “Disappointing, Tomasz, no plaid. #Countryfile.”

Luckily for Tomasz, he was able to get through his forecast without any wardrobe glitches, and he had some rather mixed news for viewers.

He began: “Hello. Well, we had some rain in the south today. It just held off from the marathon and the weather’s actually quite kind to us this evening.

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‘We’ve got high pressure over us at the moment, but things are going to change in the days ahead.”

Tomasz then showed viewers the “jet stream” heading the UK’s way from the west, pushing changing weather in its direction.

He also mentioned how there would be a “particularly nasty” stream hitting the country on Wednesday.

However, he did point out that the south of the country should be exempt from most of the rainfall in the latter half of the week.

“Yes changeable, yes autumnal, wind and rain at times, but there will be some sunshine too and not all that cold,” he added.

Tomasz then referred to the “here and now”, promising some “nippy weather” on Monday morning because of the clear skies around the country on Sunday evening.

He even warned that the south could see temperatures close to freezing on Monday morning while the north should have weather of about “eight to 10” degrees.

The jet stream’s approach will supposedly hit Northern Ireland and Scotland first while the south of England enjoys high teen temperatures at the start of the week.

Tomasz summarised by saying: “Yes, autumnal but actually, at times, it will be quite pleasant as well.”

Countryfile airs Sundays on BBC One.

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