BBC’s Andrew Marr contracts Covid in ‘nasty’ health battle after double-jab

BBC's Andrew Marr previously tested positive for coronavirus despite a double vaccination, the broadcaster has revealed.

While interviewing Professor Sir Peter Horby on Sunday, Andrew, 61, revealed he suspected he caught the virus while attending the G7 summit in Cornwall.

As world leaders united in St Ives, Andrew filmed an episode of The Andrew Marr Show from the Cornish coastal town on June 13.

Likening his symptoms to a "summer cold" the news anchor said: "I had a bit of Covid last week, despite being double-jabbed, and very nasty it was too."

Andrew was keen to find out more about his transmission of the virus, wondering whether he was "unlucky".

He said: "I hope it's not self-indulgent to ask you about me, because I got coronavirus last week.

"I'd been double-jabbed earlier in the spring and felt, if not king of the world, at least almost entirely immune. And yet I got it. Was I just unlucky?"

His guest, who was chairman of the virus advisory group Nervtag, replied: "I think you were.

"What we know with the vaccines is that they are actually remarkably effective at preventing hospitalisations and deaths. They are less effective at preventing infection.

"So, although you were sick, you weren't hospitalised and there wasn't any fatality, and that is probably because of the vaccination."

Andrew made it clear he was relieved he had been vaccinated, as it saved him from experiencing more severe symptoms of the virus.

"I'm pretty clear that by being vaccinated I did not end up in hospital and that is a great thing," Andrew conceded.

"But we use slightly glibly occasionally this phrase 'mild and moderate infections'. For me, it was really, really quite unpleasant."

Much to viewers' disappointment, Andrew was missing from the BBC production last week, only to be replaced by Nick Robinson.

Thankfully, the broadcaster has since made his recovery and returned to the London studios.

The Scottish presenter has been hosting his namesake programme, The Andrew Marr Show, since September 2007, waking up viewers each Sunday morning.

It was originally known as Sunday AM, but after two years in the role, the BBC decided to name the weekly series after its host.

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