BBC Saturday Kitchen female guests change outfits after Matt Tebbutt’s ‘funeral’ jibe

Viewers left unsure by Matt Tebbutt's throwaway comment

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BBC Breakfast teased ahead to Matt Tebbutt’s cooking show on Saturday morning as they did a link with Saturday Kitchen. The TV chef informed viewers of what they could expect from the show, however, he soon spotted a problem. Matt pointed out that several people in the studio appeared to be wearing matching outfits.

Teasing ahead to his show, Matt began: “Good morning guys, today’s special guest is a familiar face on the show.

“We always love having her here. Pleased to welcome Stacey Dooley. Stacey, it’s good to have you here,” he said.

Stacey replied: “Likewise, I’m delighted because I’m not sat on my own.

“I’ve got a gang,” Stacey exclaimed, ushering towards chef Saliha Mahmood Ahmed and drinks writer Helen McGinn.

However, it wasn’t long before Matt noticed a similarity between the three women.

“I like that you girls are all in black,” the TV chef remarked.

Saliha and Helen burst out laughing as Matt highlighted the wardrobe error.

Also recognising the accidental colour coordination, Stacey said: “I know, what do we look like?”

Matt teased: “It’s like you’re all going out for an evening or to a funeral, I’m not too sure.”

“We’re like an odd girl band,” Stacey joked.

Matt was also sporting a plain black shirt, unintentionally matching his guests.

However, when viewers later tuned in for the start of the show, several of the stars had opted for an outfit change.

Stacey stuck to her bold black look, but Saliha and Helen had changed into more colourful choices.

Saliha swapped her monochrome clothes for a cream blouse and pink flared trousers.

Similarly, drinks expert Helen donned a floral green outfit combination instead.

Matt also changed into more colourful attire as he wore a pale blue shirt.

Some eagle eyed viewers spotted the clothing amendments and took to Twitter to comment.

“Did they actually make the two other women change their clothes??? #SaturdayKitchen,” @360onHistory questioned.

Saturday Kitchen airs Saturdays at 10am on BBC One.

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