BBC Breakfast’s Jon Kay forced to apologise as fans rage at ‘ridiculous’ segment

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    BBC Breakfast's Jon Kay was forced to make an awkward apology when Sally Nugent told him off for giving away part of a segment they had decided to save for later.

    The pair, who were hosting Tuesday June 27th's show together, were talking viewers through different pictures of clouds, taken by members of the public, which looked something else.

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    Sally and Jon went through clouds which were shaped like a dog, the number 22 and a T-rex, but as they tried to show the next picture, it failed to appear on the screen.

    She told viewers: "There's a really clever one coming up next, wait for this one. This is… Are you ready?" before having to make an awkward pause, as she added: "Coming up any second now…"

    Jon added: "It will be worth it," as Sally chimed in: "It's so good, I think we're going to save it for later as a special surprise one.

    "But I don't think anything can beat that heart."

    Jon said: "Yeah we're going to see a swan later," as Sally jumped in: "You've given the game away!"

    He immediately responded: "Oh, sorry," before joking about getting clouds put o their new background in their new studio.

    But despite their best efforts, the cloud segment did not go down well with viewers as they took to social media to hit out at the "boring" segment.

    One said: "Slow news day."

    Another added: "Slow news day on #BBCBreakfast as they want pictures of clouds that look like objects."

    A third agreed: "Clouds lol, nothing going on in Ukraine today?"

    A fourth raged: "Moving on from the horrific murder of two police officers… on to A Cloud that looks like a Dog…

    "No honestly this is @BBCBreakfast…utterly ridiculous. Anything not to talk about the Johnson and Lebedev…"

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