‘B&B’ Spoilers Weekly Video Preview: A Truth Bombshell Has Taylor Running For Cover

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers weekly video preview shows that Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) will be running for cover as her dirty secret comes to light. When Hope (Annika Noelle) tells Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) the truth about who shot Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) all hell breaks loose as Taylor’s biggest enemy now knows her biggest secret.

Brooke’s Initial Disbelief

The Bold and the Beautiful promo shows that initially, Brooke tells Hope, “This can’t be true.” She struggles to reconcile the usually calm and rational psychiatrist with the crazed killer who tried to take Bill’s life. Brooke is stunned that Taylor took such drastic measures to keep Bill away from Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Brooke Logan Confronts Taylor Hayes

It doesn’t take long before Brooke throws Taylor’s crimes in her face. Brooke finally has something concrete against her longtime rival and she cannot wait to confront her with it.

“You shot Bill Spencer. You put a bullet in his back.”

Taylor is floored that Brooke even knows that it was she who shot Bill. As far as she knows, it was only she, Steffy, Bill, and Liam who were privy to the secret.

“You’re going to have me locked up?”

Then Brooke mentions something about the authorities and Taylor fears that she will be spending the rest of her life in prison. Bold and the Beautiful viewers know that this is Taylor’s worst fear. She doesn’t want to waste away her life in a dingy prison cell and not be involved in Kelly’s (Zoe Pennington) life.

Dangerous Taylor

Over the years, Taylor and Brooke have had plenty of spats. They have thrown each other in pools, pulled each other’s hair, and they recently even had a cake fight at Hope’s wedding. But now Brooke will warn her daughter, “She is dangerous.”

Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) also goes to see his dad. He believes that Taylor poses a threat to Hope, their unborn baby, and Kelly. He tells Bill, “We’d all be better off if Taylor left L.A. for good.” But Bill intends to keep his word to Taylor and Steffy, and he won’t call the cops on her. Instead he works at trying to placate his son by assuring him that nobody’s life is in danger. The only person who Taylor poses a threat to is himself.

Brooke will also appeal to Bill and ask him, “What if Taylor snaps again, then what?” Inquisitr reports that he will remind Brooke that just as he won’t call the cops on Taylor, he won’t call the cops on Ridge.

Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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