‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Tia Booth Explains What Really Happened With Blake Monar

On Sept. 21, Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 left some fans wondering whether Tia Booth gave her rose to Blake Monar or James Bonsall. Initially, the bachelorette seemed to lean toward Blake. But the reality stars seemed to have an argument on the beach. So what really happened between Blake and Tia on Bachelor in Paradise? Recently, Tia shared what went down on BIP.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 9.]

What happened to Blake Monar, Tia Booth, and James Bonsall in ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021?

Tia and Blake hit it off on their one-on-one date in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 Episode 8. But James didn’t go without a fight. In episode 9, James tried to show how much he cared. But Tia revealed that she had a spark with Blake, not James.

“My heart is leaning toward James, who is such a great person overall. But sometimes you just have to listen to your vagina,” Tia said. “Kissing Blake makes my vagina dance and tingle and feel really nice. And as night as tonight was with James, when we kiss, I just don’t feel a tingle in my vagina.”

But later, Tia suggested that things weren’t going well with Blake. The reality star pointed out that Blake wasn’t trying to make an effort, and he seemed caught off guard. Blake claimed he wanted to eventually leave with Tia, and he didn’t think he needed to say anything more. But Tia wanted him to show initiative to make her feel chosen. 

In the end, Tia and Blake’s argument didn’t exactly lead anywhere. But even so, Riley Christian suggested that Tia still had a choice to make between James and Blake. 

“I do think it’s gonna be a tough one for her to decide on,” Riley said.

Tia Booth explains the argument with Blake Monar on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 7

While many Bachelor in Paradise fans patiently wait to see what happens to Tia, Blake, and James in episode 10, it’s not looking too great for Blake. Following the Sept. 21 episode, Tia went on Instagram and explained the argument with Blake, revealing what he told her on the beach.

“Right when the cocktail party started, I saw Thomas [Jacobs] go by with a tray of chicken nuggets for Becca [Kufrin] and a bunch of pics of their dogs just to be cute and sweet for her,” Tia wrote on her Instagram story. “And this dude says, ‘You know I’m not gonna set up anything for you right? You should know how I feel about you. All that stuff other guys do is fake for tv’ and I lost my mind.”

She added, “This ain’t my first rodeo. It ain’t that hard. Gimme nugs & fries.”

Tia Booth says it ‘sucks’ that ‘BIP’ is unable to show everything

Tia opened up about the Blake situation on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. Becca noted that Tia was “struggling” with watching everything unfold on Bachelor in Paradise without the whole story being shown. Then Tia shared how she felt about the experience.

“It’s almost like we know exact conversations that were had, and we know things that were left out and exact things that happened,” Tia said. “Especially with the show only being two hours a week instead of four, only so much can be shown. So it’s unfortunate that it doesn’t show more details of my relationship with James and Blake. It was very difficult that week.”

“It is going to be a little bit confusing to see why I was so stressed and frustrated,” she continued. “Also, seeing you and Thomas and Abigail [Heringer] and Noah [Erb], like, those are relationships that aren’t really shown as much. It just kinda sucks that not every little detail can be shown.”

While Bachelor in Paradise fans didn’t get to see every detail play out, many viewers are interested in watching how Tia’s story ends on the ABC reality series. So stay tuned.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 airs Tuesday nights on ABC.

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