Antiques Roadshow guest blown away by staggering valuation of pocket watch

Antiques Roadshow: Guest stunned at watch valuation

Antiques Roadshow expert Richard Price was mesmerised by a guest’s vintage pocket watch which was worth a considerable amount of money on the BBC One programme.

The guest told Richard she had inherited the delicate pocket watch from her mother’s elderly aunt who lived in Scotland.

The gold pocket watch was adorned with diamonds and the time could be seen through the glass case.

“It is very pretty, I mean look at that for a case, isn’t it lovely?” Richard gushed.

“Yes it was one of the things that I really wanted when my mum died,” the guest added.

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“It was the first thing I chose from her jewellery box,” she explained to the expert who was admiring the item.

He said the watch was in “mint” condition and opened it up to discover it was made by the American Walton Watch Company and dated back to around 1890.

It was made out of 18-carat gold but the case was not American, Richard insisted to the surprised guest.

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“It’s far too nice to be American if I can be so rude as to say,” Richard joked. “This is going to be a Swiss case and I am not sure why they put an American movement in a Swiss case, but it’s been done.”

When asked why the condition was so “utterly lovely”, the guest stressed how the watch had never been worn and had been tucked in the back of a drawer.

Taking a closer look, the expert was impressed with the diamonds on the back of the pocket watch which were set against a floral patterned back.

“It’s lovely, it’s absolutely lovely, the condition is so important,” he added. “So any thoughts on the price?”

The guest admitted she had no idea, but hoped it would at least be worth £100, which made Richard quip: “I think most people would bit your hand off for £100!”

He informed her the pocket watch could fetch an eye-watering £2,500 at auction if she wanted to sell it.

However, the guest wanted to pass the piece down to her daughter to keep it in the family.

Antiques Roadshow episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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