Antiques Roadshow guest amazed as ‘beyond repair’ watch given eye-watering value

Antiques Roadshow: Man’s watch is valued at £20k

On Sunday night, fans of the long-running BBC show were treated to a new episode of Antiques Roadshow as Fiona Bruce and the experts headed to Swanage.

During the episode, locals across the county brought in their rare and unique items to see how much they would fetch in an auction.

One of which included a man and his wife who had taken their watch, which had seen better days, to Richard Price to get his opinion.

With it displayed in three separate sections, viewers were informed it was an Omega Speedmaster watch, the first watch worn on the moon.

Looking at the item, the expert said: “There’s a rather unfortunate saying within the watchmaking industry, if something is in a very poor state they call it derelict and this is fairly derelict.”

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Agreeing it was extremely derelict, the man went on to explain how the watch got into its current state.

He said: “It unfortunately went through my lawnmower. We had a burglary and somehow or other, they must’ve dropped that in the grass as they went.

“Several months later, my wife was turning the compost heap and low and behold, what did she find?”

Stunned by the extraordinary story, Richard confessed it was a shame as the watch had been harmed.

As the guest explained it was brought second-hand in the 1960s, Richard told the man his watch was “pre-space”, meaning it was created before the moon landings were envisioned by NASA.

Inspecting it closer, Richard highlighted one of the pushers on the watch had gone, although the case wasn’t bad except for the bezel.

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He said: “This in itself is a very rare piece of kit.”

Asking if he should keep it as a relic, Richard urged him to get it resorted as it would be worth a lot of money.

The expert said: “Assuming you can get these pieces, in good condition with that strap, I see it being retailable for towards £18,000- £20,000.”

Revealing the strap on its own was worth £3,000, the guest was blown away as the crowd let out a loud gasp.

Admitting he thought Richard would tell him to throw the watch away, the guest couldn’t get past its value.

He commented: “I’m amazed, I’m excited, I came along here convinced it was basically beyond repair, a bit of rubbish really.

“My son will be even more excited because he wants to inherit it!”

Antiques Roadshow is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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