Antiques Road Trip host warns ‘tears are about to roll’ after loss

Antiques Road Trip host makes £70 profit despite dropping item

In an episode of BBC’s Antiques Road Trip, experts Raj Bisram and Charles Hanson went head-to-head as they searched the UK for hidden treasures. Trying to make the most money at auction Raj was confident that his African birthing chair would make a steal, however, he was sadly mistaken.

As Raj and Charles took a trip around Wales to rummage through antique shops, Raj was thrilled when he found an African hand-carved birthing chair.

Spotting it instantly in the display of a window, Raj confessed it attracted him straight away as he questioned the shop owner inside to find out more.

Priced at £250, the Antiques Road Trip host was told it was from around the early to mid-1900s.

Deciding to browse around the rest of the store, the expert also found a large grain pestle which would have gone with a mortar.

After some haggling, the expert managed to get both items for £200 saving him a bit of extra money.

At the end of the repeated episode, it was time for the duo to see how much their items would go for at Tring Market Auctions in Herefordshire.

With both hoping the antiques they’d found had struck gold, they were eager to see how much they’d earn in total.

However, when the bidding started for Raj’s items, things quickly started to go downhill for him.

First up was his hardwood pestle, which he managed to get for £30, only sold for £35 which give him a small profit of £5.

Telling Charles it could’ve been worse, it looked as though he jinxed himself when it came to the auction of his Victorian bedpost that has been converted into a hat rack.

Paying £160 for it, the bidding started at a mere £50 with Raj seeming less than impressed as he groaned putting his hands to his face.

With the bids kicking off, it only managed to be sold for £70, giving him a devastating £90 loss.

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Commenting on the price, he sarcastically said: “Oh, it’s going so well.”

Despite the brutal loss in profit, he remained hopeful when it was time for the African birthing chair to take to the stand.

Although the auctioneer started the offers off at £100, he quickly dropped it to £50 when buyers weren’t too keen.

With not many bids coming in, the cost was lowered to £30 and eventually sold for £48.

This gave Raj a loss of £122 which resulted in the host telling his co-star he was heartbroken, joking that he was close to tears.

As Charles exclaimed: “It’s popped out!”

Raj replied: “I think my eyes have just popped out and the tears are about to roll.”
In the end, viewers learnt Raj finished with £184.32 left with Charles charging ahead with a whopping £520.96 in the bank.

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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