Ant McPartlin mocks Babatunde as he panics in Bushtucker Trial

I’m A Celeb: Babatunde takes on Horrifying Heights trial

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I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly will be returning to ITV tonight for the latest episode of the reality series. ITV has released a teaser clip of the next Bushtucker Trial, called Horrifying Heights, which Babatúndé Aléshé has to complete. However, as the trial gets underway Ant made a sly comment about the comedian’s fear of heights. 

As Babatúndé got into position for the challenge in the clip, it started to pour down with rain. 

Dec, who was looking up at him, said: “It’s still safe but [the rain] will make things a little bit harder.” 

Babatúndé was given 10 minutes to collect nine stars for the rest of the camp, and Dec wished him the best of luck before he embarked on the trial. 

As the klaxon sounded, Ant and Dec cheered Babatúndé on from the ground underneath their umbrellas. 

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However, Ant could not resist teasing the Celebrity Gogglebox star as he faced his fear of heights for the camp. 

As Babatúndé took two steps forward, Ant quipped: “That’s already further than he walked on the plank on the tower. So it’s progress pal.” 

Ant was referring to the challenge on Sunday as Babatúndé backed out of due to his fear of heights. 

For that trial celebrities, including Babatúndé, had to walk to the end of a plank which was attached to a skyscraper on the Gold Coast, in Australia. 

In the preview for tonight’s trial, Babatúndé got onto his knees and put his hands in a box to try and prize out a star, but he could be heard saying: “Oh God.”

“You’ve probably noticed it’s started to spin as well, could it be any harder?” Ant asked as the apparatus Babatúndé was holding onto began moving. 

The full trial will be broadcast on Tuesday night’s instalment of I’m A Celebrity. 

Babatúndé admitted he was scared of “everything” before entering the jungle. 

The comedian said: “I am going to see what happens but I know I will be doing a lot of screaming for sure! 

“I am not looking forward to any trials but in terms of the one I am dreading the most, I saw one where someone was lying in a box and they put things into the box like snakes and mice. 

“Now that would freak me out. I think I will lose it!” 

He added: “Hopefully it won’t be a mistake. People are going to get to know me through this show a bit better and I just want to enjoy everything. 

“I don’t want to be the King of the jungle. I am quite happy to go back to normal life afterwards. 

“But it will be a great adventure and my wife is excited and happy I am doing it.”  

Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and comedian Seann Walsh are yet to enter the I’m A Celebrity camp. 

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! continues tonight at 9.15pm on ITV.

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