Anna Friel teases epic Marcella and Luther crossover – with the pair 'falling in love' against the odds

ANNA Friel has teased an epic Marcella and Luther crossover – with the pair 'falling in love' against the odds.

The 44-year-old will soon return as the detective for a third series of the ITV drama, two and a half years after her last outing.

Marcella will be undercover in Ireland, but Anna hopes she makes it through in one piece so she can head back to London and potentially cross paths with another popular TV detective.

She told Digital Spy she would love Marcella to go head to head with Luther, played by Idris Elba in the hit BBC drama.

She said: "The only time you see crossovers is in superhero movies.

"I've never seen shows where they amalgamate characters from show to show. That would be quite rewarding to fans. But it's only in my head."

Anna added: "She could very much [be his nemesis]. Who'd be the bravest? They'd probably fall in love, I think."

The ITV thriller will return later this month with more gripping scenes, but the darker aspects of the show wreaked havoc with Friel's mental health.

While discussing the upcoming episodes with The Sun and other press, Anna admitted she had been "poisoned by the stress" of her on-screen alter ego.

"I tend to let it affect me once it’s a wrap on the whole season because otherwise it can get overwhelming," she explained.

She even found herself vomiting between takes – a reaction to the heightened emotional state of her character.

"Sometimes I’ve got myself to such a state that I’ve kind of rushed into the trailer and thrown up because the cortisol levels have gone to such a high status and the body is being poisoned by the stress," she went on.

"But you do relive it, because I give everything to her – I become her to a certain extent."

Marcella's third series will hit ITV later this month.

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