Amy Slaton spotted beaming days after ‘split’ from husband

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy’s family celebrate goal weight

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A source close to the family has claimed 1000lb Sisters star Amy Slaton has moved out of her Kentucky home with her two sons Glenn and Gage after splitting from husband Michael Halterman. In the days since, a fan of the TLC reality show has spotted Amy and her sister Tammy visiting their hometown and looking happier than ever.

Amy was beaming from ear-to-ear in new snaps of the sisters days after her reported split from Michael.

An insider has claimed the reality star is looking to file for a divorce from her husband of several years.

The split occurred just a few months after the birth of their second son, Glenn, who went with Amy and his brother Gage to live with family.

According to a new Reddit thread, the sisters were shopping in a Walmart in Evansville, Indiana and posed for photos with fans.

Redditor u/JanLevinsonScott1 posted one of the snaps and wrote: “Tammy and Amy are visiting my hometown today! They look great!”

Both sisters were smiling, and Amy didn’t appear to be wearing her wedding ring.

Amy’s appearance hasn’t changed much since filming the fourth season of 1000lb Sisters, though fans congratulated her for not putting on noticeable weight since her pregnancy.

She has kept her iconic blue hair since filming and wore a floral skirt with trousers and a grey hoodie.

Meanwhile, Tammy has undergone a complete transformation since the series first started back in 2020.

Although she was still using her wheelchair, she lost a considerable amount of weight thanks to a healthier diet combined with surgery and rehab.

When the new photos were posted on Reddit, several fans noticed the change and took to the comments to celebrate her progress.

u/Dangerous-Vehicle611 posted: “I’m beyond happy for Tammy! I hope she keeps this up! We all want to see her succeed.”

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u/jdlg___671 exclaimed: “I’m really excited to see Tammy’s transformation. I’m proud of her!”

“I literally am rooting for Tammy,” u/Difficult_Duck1246 added. “There’s just something about her and I want her to do good for herself.”

u/Flashy_Article157 wrote: “The change in Tammy…. Just wow! So happy for her.”

To which u/bipolarburner replied: “I’m impressed that she’s well enough to travel again!! Like what a massive improvement in that alone!”

And u/MissKiruna commented: “Tammy looks so much better. The forehead bulge is gone.

“Tammy proved many of us wrong and I’m grateful for that. She should be proud of her accomplishments.”

Before starting the series, Tammy remained housebound other than occasional visits to the doctor due to her weight.

Now both sisters are able to get out and about, fans are hopeful they’ll start seeing even more progress over the coming months and in future seasons of 1000lb Sisters.

1000lb Sisters season 4 continues Tuesdays on TLC in the USA. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.

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