Amy Duggar admits she's 'struggling' because 'marriage is hard' after fans suspected she split from husband Dillon King

AMY Duggar has admitted she's "struggling" because her marriage to Dillon King is "hard".

The Counting On star – who sparked split rumors with Dillon last month – said she feels "overwhelmed" and like she's "drowning".

Amy – who is the niece of Jim Bob Duggar – opened up about her struggles with her marriage as well as her clothing store 3130 in a lengthy post.

"Thankful for the people who show up in my life when I need them the most," the mother-of-one, 34, wrote on Instagram.

"Thankful for the hugs, the prayers who just lift me up when I’m struggling. Y’all today I had 4 women in the store who prayed for me, they could tell I was tired, and just feeling very overwhelmed with everything on my plate.

"It meant so much to me. Y’all owning a business in general is hard work and throw in a pandemic it’s so stressful."

She went on: "Which makes life hard, marriage hard, parenting hard. I’m tired, stressed and to be honest some days just feel like I’m drowning.

"I just wanted to say If you’re frustrated with life, your marriage or your situation right now just don’t give up.

"I see you , I’m with you. It’s just so hard right now but we gotta keep on going…"

The reality star added: "Also: Ice cream helps. #hardday#reallife."

Amy married Dillon in 2015 and they are parents to one-year-old son, Daxton.

The TLC star sparked fears for her relationship with Dillon last month when she posted about "relationships ending" and "broken hearts."

She tweeted at 1am: "Give me a broken heart… over one lover."

A few hours later, Amy added: "After a relationship ends it makes you stronger and you realize what you need in your life and what you don’t…."

She later shut down concerns from fans that she and Dillon might be breaking up.

"I’m just saying relationships in general not my own…it’s ok to just share what I’ve learned as a person," the TV personality wrote.

"Apparently people are thinking I’m divorcing now.. sorry for the confusion!"

Amy is considered a family rebel as she's been vocal about her sex life before marriage, dating multiple men before settling down with Dillon, and her dislike of courting, a tradition among Duggar family members.

The reality star and fellow rebel Jill Duggar are often spotted together as they go on date nights with their husbands and go thrift store hopping.

Most recently, The Sun revealed that Jinger Duggar has distanced herself from Jill and Amy.

A source told The Sun there is no love lost between the three women, claiming: "Jinger thinks Amy is immature and should focus on her own life.

"Jinger and Jeremy have no time for negativity and wish Amy wouldn't publicly call her out to cause drama, it's unnecessary.

"They have different views and they feel she should just accept that."

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