American Idol’s Luke Bryan in tears over ‘best ever’ contestant’s song

Cam Amen’s audition on American Idol

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Cam Amen entered the audition room on Sunday’s American Idol determined to follow his dreams after he opened up to judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie about his “rough” upbringing “in and out of foster care”. The emotions took over almost as soon as the ABC contestant entered the room but after some reassuring words from the panel, Cam began to sing – and he did not disappoint.

“Wow, great song choice,” Luke said after Cam told them he was going to sing Hallelujah and he wiped away the last of his tears.

The piano then started and Cam belted out the song, prompting Lionel at one point to shoot a look at his fellow judges and lean back in shock.

Cam continued to put his all into the audition and Luke even had to wipe away tears as the song continued.

Once Cam had finished, all three judges got to their feet to applaud the budding singer before Lionel made his way over to Cam.

“Welcome home,” the Dancing on the Ceiling hitmaker said as Katy and Luke followed suit and planted hugs on Cam.

A tearful Cam tried to regain his composure as Lionel said: “You’ve been through a lot, but the rest of your life is waiting for you, you hear me?”

“I can hardly breathe,” Luke said as the judges made their way back to the panel.

Luke was then the first to offer up his verdict on Cam’s audition.

“Man, this is our sixth year here and stylistically your style is so beautifully unique,” Luke said as Lionel echoed: “Yeah, it is.”

Luke continued: “I mean, I don’t have anybody that I’ve seen in this chair to compare you to.

“Every time I wanted you to do something amazing, you did it. It was just incredible.

“I mean, you came out of being upset and crying and just starting singing like that, you didn’t even have your tears dried,” a passionate Luke went on.

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A tearful Luke eventually passed over to Katy and Lionel, with the Teenage Dream singer reassuring Cam he’s heading for better things.

Lionel then shared his thoughts as he asked: “Cam, do you believe in divine guidance?”

“Yes, I do actually,” an emotional Cam replied, prompting Lionel to say: “It just happened.

“For whatever reason, that divine guidance brought you to us. And my friend, we’re gonna have one heck of a ride.”

Luke then asked Cam’s girlfriend Erica to enter the room before turning to his fellow judges and saying: “He might be the best soul singer we’ve ever had.”

Cam arrived back with Erica and Luke decided to offer Cam a platinum ticket, meaning he’s heading straight to Hollywood and means he gets to sit out the first week of the next round.

“You deserved it,” Lionel told Cam before he left who said to the American Idol cameras the entire ordeal was “a dream”.

American Idol continues Sundays on ABC in the USA.

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