Amanda Holden and Jimmy Carr walk off I Can See Your Voice

I Can See Your Voice: Paddy introduces the celebrities

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In this weekend’s episode of I Can See Your Voice, Celebrity Investigators Jimmy Carr, Amanda Holden and Alison Hammond were joined by legendary singer Lulu to help a team of two players. Although they tried their best to distinguish the difference between the good and bad mystery singers, one player wasn’t impressed with their detective skills.

The popular BBC game show returned to TV screens last month as host Paddy McGuinness was joined by the team of celebrity investigators.

Each week, the trio welcome a celebrity guest to join the panel as they try and help a team of two players win £10,000.

They have to try and discover who is a good singer and who is bad without ever hearing a note from them.

The two players trying to win the money won’t find out if they’ve secured the cash prize until the very end when the last singer performs a duet with the guest star.

If they’ve managed to pick the good singer they can take home the £10,000, although, if the singer turns out to be bad the prize then goes to them for fooling everyone.

However, it looks like tensions between the players and celebrity investigators are high this week with one having a swipe at Amanda and Jimmy.

In a clip for this weekend’s episode, player Haloo addresses them by saying: “I love you guys, but you are no help!”

With the panel erupting into laughter, Jimmy and Amanda jokingly decide to get up from their seats and walk off the set.

Host Paddy comments: “See you later! Lulu, you can stay, you can stay.”

The game will see the investigators and players go through four different rounds before the grand reveal in hopes to try and weed out which person can really sing.

First, the six mystery singers must lip sync individually on stage where one of them will be miming to their own voice.

After the round, the two players need to pick one singer to eliminate which is where they get to discover if they are either bad or good.

However, neither Paddy nor the celebrity investigators know how many good singers are on stage which means they have to watch their mannerisms and listen to the clues very closely.

Round two is called unlock my life, where the two players get to pick two singers they want to know more about where they’ll be shown a video containing clues about them.

Once again a single singer will be eliminated before the “home truths” stage then it’s time for the fourth and final stage, the interrogation.

With the last two singers remaining, the players get to pick one that they want to ask 15 questions to within 30 seconds.

When the players eliminate their last singer, it’s time to reveal if they’ve managed to work out which one was good as they take to the stage for their duet with the celebrity guest.

Speaking about the second series of the show, Amanda confessed that it’s much tougher this time around.

She said: “We’ve been duped so much and all the sort of things that got us the first time, like the way people held their mic, or their stance, or tricks of the trade that as a singer, I recognise, and other people recognise. 

“They’ve caught onto everything. So the people who are lying or trying to win that money are really clever now.”

I Can See Your Voice continues on Saturday at 21:10 on BBC One and iPlayer

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