Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon run off BGT stage after being terrorised by rat

BGT: Amanda and Alesha terrified by The Witch's rat

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Britain’s Got Talent took a spooky turn during its first live semi-final. Now on its fifteenth season, the judges thought they had seen it all until The Witches made their way onto the stage. Monday night’s first live semi-final show started off very light-hearted, but a few acts in, things went dark. Judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon couldn’t help but run in fear as a rodent magically appeared on their panel.

The Witch initially auditioned alone, that’s not to say there weren’t other supernatural assistants hidden from viewers’ sight.

Both scaring and impressing the judges with an apple exploding into maggots which showered the panel in small creatures a few weeks ago, what more could the judges expect?

In the semi-final, The Witch was joined by some creepy friends and approached the judges to pull a message out of their bag. 

Slowly approaching Amanda, she reluctantly reached in to pull out a note. 

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Once unfolded, it said the word rodent… Alesha let out a terrified: “Oh no!”

She was encouraged to reach inside a box the witch left in front of her, like a Bush Tucker Trial on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, and she put her hand in.

Pausing, she screamed as the box was removed to reveal a rodent that had appeared out of nowhere on the desk.

Amanda and Alesha bolted off the set and disappeared from the camera shot.

Handling the rat, the witch shouted: “What’s a matter, Amanda?” as he chased the shrieking TV star into the crowd, followed by Alesha.

The supernatural performance was a hit with many of the show’s fans.

David Patterson said: “The Witches should win. Imagine The Queen reacting to that! #BGT.” 

Gillian Hudson added: “You can always rely on Amanda to cause a Dramarama!! #cackling #BGT.”

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Amanda and Alesha’s reaction distracted some onlookers from the full effect of the performance.

Janine Reynolds stated: “Well, the judges ruined that one! @BGT.”

@BellasNumptyx described: “I feel sorry for the witches because I love this act, but the judges absolutely ruined it #BGT .”

Philip Hoyles had some words for the presenting pair: “It wasn’t right that the judges take the attention away from the act. 

“I’m sorry but as a performer myself I was embarrassed for the act as the judges made it more about them. It should not be the case.”

Sadly they did not win a place in the grand final, much to the surprise of viewers. 

Other acts performing through the evening included Mel Day, Suzi Wild, Junwoo, London Gospel Community Choir, Born to Perform, and Maxwell Thorpe. 

Britain’s Got Talent continues on Tuesday, May 31, at 8 pm on ITV and is available on ITV Hub.

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