‘Always thinking of others’ Kate Garraway praised by Dr Hilary over emotional Derek update

Kate Garraway praised by Dr Hilary Jones on GMB

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Kate Garraway opened up about her husband Derek Draper’s health battle on Sunday night in an emotional interview on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories. Derek was first diagnosed with Covid-19 in March 2020 and spent over a year in hospital battling the virus. He returned home to his family earlier this year but is said to require round the clock care. Kate updated ITV viewers on Derek’s health during her interview and has since been praised by some of her Good Morning Britain co-stars.

On Monday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain, Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary Jones spoke about Kate’s bravery throughout her husband’s health battle.

Susanna praised Kate for sharing her experience in the “incredible” Life Stories interview on Sunday evening.

She said: “Doctor Hilary, it’s remarkable, isn’t it? You know, Derek is at home now surrounded by family.”

“Mostly he’s not able to communicate, but just occasionally there are these breakthrough moments. It must offer hope,” the presenter commented.

Hilary agreed: “Absolutely, and they are so significant and they are so vital to Kate and the children.

“It is a testimony to the fact we don’t know about this disease, the Long Covid and severe Long Covid.

“We don’t know how much brain activity there is and how much recovery there still yet might be despite this length of time. So many unknowns,”

“What I really admire Kate for is talking about this in public and always thinking of other people similarly affected.

“Not just her family situation and Derek’s situation, but everybody else who’s been affected in a likewise manner.

“I really think she’s very, very brave to be doing this,” he added.

Martin Lewis chimed in, insisting: “It’s unfortunate she was placed in a position of an ambassador, but she has done a wonderful job.”

“She really has,” Hilary said in agreement.

Kate’s episode of Life Stories aired on Sunday evening and saw her share details of Derek’s health battle.

The ITV star struggled to hold back her tears while speaking about her husband, saying: “I’m not giving up on him – ever.

“He will have moments of clarity and then it’s like he disappears again,” she added.

Kate revealed the virus “devastated” Derek from the “tip of his head to the top of his toe”.

The presenter explained her husband’s liver, digestive system, heart and nervous system were all affected.

“We’re pretty sure the inflammation did pass through the brain. He still can’t communicate,” Kate said.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories is available to stream on ITV’s catch-up service ITV Hub.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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