All Creatures Great and Small’s Rachel Shenton pays tribute to co-star

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All Creatures Great and Small’s Helen Herriot (played by Rachel Shenton) is set to form a close friendship with Mrs Pumphrey (Patricia Hodge) as she helps her to make a heavy decision.

Helen and Mrs Pumphrey rarely have many scenes together, especially in season three where Mrs P was missing for most of the series.

Now, the pair are set to form a strong friendship with one another as actress Rachel Shenton opened up on their growing bond.

Speaking to and other press, Rachel explained: “I am thrilled because I have not really had too many scenes, certainly not one-on-one with Patricia.

“So that was a pleasure and it was just sort of a moment of, the female alliance without giving too much of the story away, those two women knew what that feeling was in that moment.

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“And then it stays throughout the series and you see their journey a little bit. She was really instrumental in a decision that Helen had to make actually.

“It is just a pleasure working with Patricia, she really knows her stuff and she is really great to work with and good fun so yeah I really enjoyed that bit.”

Rachel also teased how Helen feels being away from her family farm now she is married to James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph).

She noted: “She has got half an eye on the other farm because I don’t think she can do it any other way.

“That is just her role in this and finds it really hard to tear herself away from that and the commitment of that.

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“Seeing Jenny Alderson [Imogen Clawson] grow up and take the reigns, she is proud of that and thinks it is great.

“But she will always have that maternal thing of checking if everything is alright and you definitely see more of that.”

The synopsis for episode two reads: “Siegfried has the bright idea of bringing in an experienced bookkeeper, Miss Harbottle, to bring method to the madness of the practice.

“She’s certainly efficient, but the cracks soon start to show – and a sick ferret only makes matters worse.

“Farmer Dakin is very attached to his injured, elderly cow, but Siegfried advises letting the animal go, while James and Helen arrive at a long-awaited decision.”

All Creatures Great and Small airs Thursdays from 9pm on Channel 5.

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