Alastair Stewart’s wife shares ‘biggest worry’ over husband’s dementia diagnosis

GB News: Alastair Stewart announcing his dementia diagnosis

Alastair Stewart’s wife Sally has opened up about her husband’s dementia diagnosis, sharing her biggest “worry”.

Speaking to GB News on Sunday, the 67-year-old detailed the impact the condition might have on their children.

In a candid interview, she told GB News’ Camilla Tominey: “I don’t really think that it’s affected him too much yet.

“He hasn’t driven since November, when we first got our suspicions because he had an accident in the car, not a big accident, but enough to cause concern.

“So I made that decision that he shouldn’t drive and he accepted that very easily, which surprised me.”

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She added: “I really worry about the impact on the children and although they’re spread over quite a big age gap, I do worry that the implications for them.

“And our middle son, his girlfriend has somebody very close to her who’s got it very badly and the two younger sons have seen what it can do.

“That worries them and makes them feel quite frightened for the future. But I think we know we’re a long way away from that yet.”

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Sally explained how she had spotted the signs early on, reflecting: “The first signs at home were him not being able to reset an old fashioned clock we have in the kitchen.

“So I would say the clock stopped. Can you set it, please?

“And then he would set it to completely different and random times.

“And he was forgetting things. He would forget days of the week, what month it was, that sort of thing.

“And if he had something on the next day, he would go to bed stressed and get up in the middle of the night.”

When asked about getting the diagnosis, Sally explained: “I wasn’t shocked because I’d already guessed that’s what he had.

“And the doctor, the GP, did quite a common test for dementia.

“And I was there in the room when he did it and the answers he was giving, a lot of them were wrong.

“So I kind of guessed. I prepared myself for it. But we didn’t get the diagnosis for some time afterwards because we had to see various other people.

“And by the time we got the proper diagnosis, I wasn’t at all surprised or shocked.”

The Camilla Tominey Show airs on Sundays at 9.30am on GB News.

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