Adam Peaty details Strictly ‘struggle’ as he opens up on huge ‘disappointment’

It Takes Two: Adam struggles to tuck in his bum while dancing

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Strictly Come Dancing’s Adam Peaty and his professional dance partner Katya Jones found themselves in the dreaded dance-off this weekend. The pair landed in the bottom two with Loose Women star Judi Love and her partner Graziano Di Prima. Adam and Katya managed to keep their place in the BBC dance competition after all four judges chose to save them. However, Adam has now opened up about one element of dancing he finds a “struggle”.

Adam and Katya were welcomed onto the Strictly spin-off show It Takes Two on Tuesday evening.

Presenter Rylan Clark-Neal questioned the pair about their experience over the weekend and how they felt about being in the bottom two.

He asked: “We do need to talk about your derrière because Shirley thinks it’s pushing out slightly.

“Is it? Or are you just a very well built man?” Rylan asked Adam.

“The second I think!” Adam declared, causing the studio to erupt with laughter.

“I struggle to tuck it, honestly, and that’s why Latin comes to me. I’m like, I’m gonna shake it as much as I can,” he said.

Rylan remarked: “Yeah, with Latin you’re laughing.”

Katya explained: “It’s his biggest asset in Latin and it gets in the way in Ballroom.

“So, we have been working, of course, we have been working on it. We take every comment, judges comment, on the chin.

“Anton said ‘We’ve fixed that arm, okay that one now’. But, we really are working and on your footwork,” she said.

“We took a lot from the Quickstep, a lot from the Quickstep,” Adam chimed in, with Katya agreeing: “We really did.”

Rylan then moved on to discuss the scores the dance duo received from the Strictly judges on Saturday night.

He highlighted that Craig Revel-Horwood, only scored them a ‘six’, while the other judges scored the couple ‘sevens’ and ‘eights’.

“Let’s talk about the scores because Craig gave you a six. Did you guys think that was a fair score?” Rylan asked.

Adam confessed: “You know what? I’m disappointed. I will say I’m disappointed.”

“Oh that’s worse than angry isn’t it?” Rylan commented. “Do you know what it’s like? I’m not angry, but I’m disappointed.”

“I am disappointed, but it’s Craig you know,” Adam said.

Speaking about their overall score of 29, Katya insisted: “We were pleased overall.”

However, she highlighted how keen Adam is to get an overall score over 30 next week.

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday at 6:45pm on BBC One.

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