Adam Collard’s most controversial moments as infamous Love Island snake returns

Love Island viewers had a massive shock last night when it was revealed that a familiar face would be making a return to the villa.

A teaser for tonight’s episode revealed that Adam Collard is set to enter the villa as the newest bombshell.

Love Island fans will recognise Adam from series four of the dating show.

His sensational return will be sure to stir up lots of drama if his appearance in the 2018 series is anything to go by.

The 26-year-old personal trainer caused a lot of controversy during his last stint in the villa as he jumped between girls and was accused of showing "warning signs" in his behaviour.

As he plans to “ruffle a few feathers” with his Love Island return, here’s a look back on his most controversial moments from series four.

Stealing Kendall from Niall

Adam’s first controversial moment came within 24 hours of his arrival in the villa in 2018.

During the show’s first episode, the other couples had already entered and coupled up when Adam arrived as a last-minute addition.

In a dramatic twist, he was given 24 hours to get to know the girls before choosing who he wanted to steal from one of the boys.

He chose to couple up with Kendall Rae-Knight, leaving Niall Aslam single.

The new couple went on to have the show’s first kiss of the season after leaving for a date.

Speaking about the recoupling in the beach hut later, Adam said: “I get what I want. I wanted her.”

Having his head turned by bombshell Rosie

Adam and Kendall’s romance didn’t last long and just three days after coupling up he had his head turned by new bombshell Rosie Williams.

He brought Kendall to tears after pulling her aside for a chat and accusing her of being too “insecure”.

Adam went on to snog Rosie during a game of truth or dare.

During the next recoupling, he chose to couple up with Rosie, which left Kendall single and resulted in her being dumped from the villa.

Getting sexual with Rosie

After the recoupling, Adam and Rosie got very cosy and it made headlines when they appeared to be the first Islanders of the season to take things beyond kissing.

Cameras showed the pair in bed together as things seemed to be heating up underneath the covers.

Bragging to the boys about his raunchy bedtime antics with Rosie, Adam said: "I didn't even need the Hideaway."

Rosie also confirmed that something had happened between them, telling Megan: "I did stuff with Adam last night… it's a natural thing.

"Yeah I got into bed with Adam last night and we did take things a bit further."

She went on to describe him as being a “gentleman” but likely regretted those words quickly.

Bringing Rosie to tears after calling her ‘needy’

Not content with his relationship with Rosie, Adam tried to make a move on Megan Barton Hanson.

When attempting to flirt with her he told her that Rosie had been getting needy.

But Megan was furious about the conversation and went on to tell Rosie what had happened.

She said: "I think he’s scraping the barrel to find excuses to move on because he just wants to f**k everything in here.”

His harsh words caused Rosie to break down in tears and she said to the girls: "I just want to be enough for someone. Why am I not enough for someone?"

Dumping Rosie for Zara after having head turned again

Just days after being intimate with Rosie, Adam had his head turned again by new bombshell Zara McDermott.

By now, Adam had already earned the title of “Love Island snake” from viewers but he sealed his villain reputation after an explosive argument with Rosie about Zara.

Pulling him for a chat about why he’d been so distant with her, Adam tried to put the blame on Rosie for his head turning as he told her: "Yeah, I probably do fancy Zara.

“It didn’t really mean anything before you acted like a child. We’ll agree to disagree."

Rosie was left fuming at the comments, saying in the beach hut: "Classic Adam, using excuses, blaming me for his behaviour shall we say. He is not content with any girl.”

She went on to accuse Adam of needing to “shag another 200 girls because this clearly isn’t working for him”.

Following the episode, Women’s Aid released a statement to say that “there are clear warning signs in Adam’s behaviour” and accused him of gaslighting Rosie.

Betraying Zara in Casa Amor

Later in the series, Zara ended up being dumped from the villa and before leaving for good she begged Adam to stay true to her so they could continue their relationship in the outside world.

He’d convinced Zara that he would leave the villa to be with her, but he didn’t and it took him absolutely no time before moving on from her as he kissed a new girl in Casa Amor.

Adam told bombshell Darylle that he would still have made a move on her even if Zara was still in the villa.

He said: "I haven’t got a bad word to say about Zara. But I feel a lot more comfortable with you straightaway than with anyone else here."

Darylle became the fourth girl who Adam had kissed in the series.

Dumping Darylle to go back to Zara

After being dumped from the Island alongside Darylle, Alex and Ellie, Adam quickly ended his relationship with Darylle revealing that he was now ready to fulfil his promise to be with Zara.

He said: "Zara said something along the lines of ‘I’ll be waiting outside, I’ll be waiting with ten thousand or twenty thousand kisses.’

"I do really, really want to see her, I’m excited for that."

He added: "I wouldn’t go back in there now. I want to see Zara. That is my priority now.”

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