Aaron Taylor-Johnson Brings Bloody ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Trailer to CinemaCon, Confirms It’s Rated R

The ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ actor debuts the blood-soaked first footage of the upcoming anti-hero movie, which will be Sony’s first R-rated Marvel feature, in Las Vegas.

AceShowbiz -Aaron Taylor-Johnson (previously Aaron Johnson) has made his debut as Kraven the Hunter in the first footage of the film which was debuted at CinemaCon. It was the English actor himself who introduced the trailer for his upcoming movie during Sony’s presentation on Monday night, April 24.

Appearing before the crowd at Colosseum Theater at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino, the “Kick-Ass” star gave an answer to what he deemed “the internet’s biggest question.” He said, “Will it be rated-R? F**k yes, it will be rated R,” prompting huge applause from the audience.

Taylor-Johnson described the project as “a Marvel movie grounded heavily in the real world. We know he is a fierce hunter, a highly trained killer.” Meanwhile, the footage begins in a rural countryside where Kraven stalks a caravan of poachers. He stops them and quickly kills the six of them, biting one man’s nose and spitting out part of his skin to the camera.

Russell Crowe, who plays his dad, narrates the video as he teaches his son to respect the world around him. He tells his son in voiceover, “We are predators.” The video then cuts to a snowy action scene before it moves to the city where Kraven’s brother Chameleon, played by “The White Lotus” star Fred Hechinger, tells him, “You’re just another man hunting for a trophy.”

The next scene sees Kraven sitting in an office chair and spearing a baddie who walks into the room. “You’re a goddamn lunatic!” Ariana DeBose, who plays Calypso, tells Kraven.

The trailer also confirms that the classic Spider-Man villain The Rhino will be in the film. “Don’t you want to know why they call me The Rhino?” he says as his arm morphs in the video, before the tagline, which reads, “Nothing survives the hunt,” appears.

“Kraven the Hunter” is directed by J. C. Chandor, with the script written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Richard Wenk. Alessandro Nivola and Christopher Abbott also star in the film centering on the Spider-Man villain. The movie is scheduled to be released in the U.S. on October 6.

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