A Prince Movie Musical Is Officially In The Works

Some bit of news to remind you how much you either love or hate movie musicals… 

Variety reports that a movie inspired by the music of the late singer Prince is officially in the works. To be clear, this film is not a biopic like the more recent Bohemian Rhapsody, which starred Rami Malek as Queen frontman Freddie Mercury. Universal Pictures has apparently acquired the rights to several songs from Prince’s extensive catalogue, and is in the process of creating a completely original story with Prince’s music “driving the narrative.” Basically think of this film as Mamma Mia! in the Purple One’s form. 

But wait, doesn’t something similar to this exist? Yes. It’s called Purple Rain, and the  main character, “The Kid,” was loosely based on Prince’s life. From Variety: “Sources close to the situation say the estate and Universal already felt that the biopic angle had largely been covered by Prince’s 1984 star-making film Purple Rain and wanted to do something original and outside the box.”

Smart. Nothing compares to Purple Rain… Nothing. 

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