A Place in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton reveals she got locked out of a house in filming nightmare

A PLACE in the Sun presenter Laura Hamilton has revealed she got locked out of a house during filming for the show.

During her nine years on the Channel 4 programme not everything has gone to plan for the property expert, 38, and the rest of the crew.

Laura recently opened up to the Daily Star about what bits don't make the cut on screen.

These include moments where the crew have had just 30 minutes to clean the property they're supposed to be filming in, and most recently getting their cars stuck in a mudslide over the summer.

But the worst thing that has happened was when they couldn't even get into one of the properties they were meant to viewing for the show.

Laura confessed: "We got locked out of a house once…

"We were asked ‘who’s got the keys?’ and none of us did. All the filming equipment was locked inside."

The star's revelation comes after she broke her silence on the recent panic attacks she has been suffering with.

Last month she opened up to The Express about the terrifying night in which her husband had to call an ambulance because she couldn't breathe.

Her panic attack was caused by trolls who had left nasty comments on the internet about her village and shop café.

Laura's business Lord Roberts On The Green- which she owned for four years – was put on the market last month and has now been sold.

Talking about the experience, she said: "I try not to look at stuff for one. I try not to look at things online because it's very easy isn't it, to get sucked in."

She went on to explain that the comments about her business felt more personal than the ones about her as a presenter.

Laura added: "When it comes to my work, I sort of don't [look] because I appreciate that not everyone will like my presentation style on TV and that's fine.

"You can never expect everyone to like you but I think with the shop it was different, because the shop is in my community.

"It's a family thing and we were trying to do the best for our community; it wasn't about my TV career."

Laura lives in Surrey with her husband of nine years Alex Goward.

The pair share a son called Rocco, eight, and a daughter named Tahlia, six.

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