A Place in the Sun guest fights back tears after Jasmine Harman walks off halfway through viewing

A PLACE in the Sun guest was forced to fight back tears as she joined host Jasmine Harman to find her dream home.

The sunseeker got emotional during a property search which at one point saw Jasmine leave the couple to their own devices during one unsuccessful viewing.

Catherine and Patrick from Leeds were looking to relocate to the Greek island of Crete, with a budget of £150,000.

Jasmine was tasked with finding the perfect property for the couple – and their two teenage boys – on the afternoon show.

Their request for a private pool, meant the first property Jasmine took them to was a non-starter as Catherine wasn't happy about the absence ofa built-in pool.

Next up was a two-bed bungalow with stunning views in Vouves, but the steep access was a turn-off for the couple.

Patrick reflected: "I need to be honest this is a lot smaller than our place back home."

While Catherine said: "The pool looks lovely, it’s a good size – I could see myself here."

Jasmine went on to ask: "Do you think in a few years your boys will be ready to fly the nest?"

To which the mum-of-two replied: "We know it’s going to happen and this is part of the journey to adjust when that time comes."

But Patrick was quick to rule out this particular property as a potential because of the access issues

But Jasmine insisted: "It’s good to get the full picture.

"Go ahead and look around yourselves."

As the Channel 4 presenter left the couple to finish touring the house on their own, she admitted her disappointed: "It’s a real pity.

"I had high hopes for this place with its fabulous viewers but the steep hill makes it a non-starter."

But things quickly turned around when Jasmine presented the third property to the pair.

A two-bed villa in the village of Kokkino Horio, with both a private swimming pool and secluded garden.

The couple's attention was certainly grabbed and when they'd viewed the fourth and fifth properties, they asked Jasmine to put in an offer.

The asking price for the third villa they visited was £173,000, but Patrick told Jasmine to put in an offer of £145,000.

Jasmine warned: "It’s a good offer to start with but I don’t know if it’ll be accepted off the bat."

And as she expected the owner rejected the amount, but came back with a counteroffer of £148,000.

As the husband and wife duo eagerly accepted, Catherine fought back tears while Jasmine congratulated them on their new home.

Jasmine asked: "Are you alright, Catherine?"

To which Catherine replied emotionally: "I can’t speak," before she was given a celebratory hug from her husband.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays 4pm on Channel 4.

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