A Place in the Sun: Ben Hillman silences guest in tense property clash ‘I know it works’

A Place in the Sun: Ben Hillman clashes with guest over criteria

Ben was on hand to help Michelle and Bernard find their A Place in the Sun, which they wanted to be in the Italian province of Luca in Tuscany. With a budget of £75,000, the couple wanted a two-bedroom holiday home with outdoor space and within a 45-minute radius of the city centre. However, when the presenter of the Channel 4 programme began his search for the pair’s dream home away from home, he ended up silencing Michelle as he wanted to get her husband’s reaction to property number three.

The three-bedded townhouse was located in the Barga region of the Italian province and was well under budget at £72,072.

Bernard wasn’t too convinced to begin with as the property was situated down a narrow road and he didn’t think there would be any views of the beautiful landscape.

Ben explained the home was built over three floors and although there was no outside space, there was an open terrace at the top of the building.

As they delved inside the establishment, the husband and wife were impressed with the layout of the dining room and kitchen area.

Knowing Bernard was a keen cook, the presenter wanted to know what he thought of the space but his wife answered for him.

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As a result, Ben turned to Michelle and silenced her by saying: “I know it works for you, you don’t do any cooking.”

Bernard’s wife began to laugh as she realised she had jumped in when the host wanted to hear her husband’s opinion.

Unfortunately, property number three wasn’t to be as the couple stated they wanted to enjoy their holiday home and not spend their whole time renovating it.


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