'A Million Little Things Delilah': Many Fans Hope She Doesn't Return to the Show

When A Million Little Things Season 1 began in 2018, Delilah Dixon (Stephanie Szostak) was a central character. Her husband, Jon Dixon’s (Ron Livingston) death by suicide brought the rest of the characters together to reevaluate how they lived their lives. However, Delilah is missing from A Million Little Things Season 3, and some fans hope she doesn’t return to the series.

Where is Delilah on ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3?

Delilah left for France in A Million Little Things Season 3 Episode 3. After watching the heartache Jon’s death caused with her daughter, Sophie (Lizzy Green), Delilah decided she had to spend more time with her father before he died. So, she planned a trip to France with her father, Lenny (Paul Guilfoyle). 

However, while Delilah traveled in Europe, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic wreaked havoc on the world. At first, Delilah couldn’t secure a flight home. However, when she finally almost boarded a plane, her father fell and broke his hip. So, she had to remain in France with Lenny until he recovered from his fall. Fans continually ask about Delilah. They also wondered how Sophie could travel to visit her mother in France and return home, but Delilah couldn’t come home. However, the root of the problem is that Lenny needs more time to heal enough for the pair to travel home.

Why isn’t Stephanie Szostak in ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 3?

Stephanie Szostak lives in New York with her husband and two sons. However, A Million Little Things films in Vancouver, Canada. The actor updated her followers on Instagram with an explanation on April 21, 2021. She explained that she couldn’t go back and forth between filming and home because of quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, the story about Delilah in France on A Million Little Things Season 3 was born to explain her departure.

Some fans hope Delilah doesn’t return to ‘A Million Little Things’

Many viewers enjoyed Delilah’s absence from A Million Little Things Season 3. The show revolved around her storyline for so long because of Jon and her affair with Eddie Saville (David Giuntoli). Fans like delving deeper into other storylines.

“Overall, I’ve really liked this season,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “It’s been nice seeing the development of Gary and Darcy’s relationship, Regina and Rome’s fostering of Tyrell, and it’s been so nice not having everything revolve around Delilah! [I] was super tired of her and glad she’s been in France this whole season.”

Finding out the truth about Jon played such a massive role that viewers love the change from the first season. It was hard to watch the scenes between Delilah and Sophie through the teenage girl’s rebellion. Viewers enjoy Maggie Bloom (Allison Miller) and Regina Howard (Christina Moses) mentoring Sophie through her sexual assault. So some fans don’t want Delilah to return to A Million Little Things at all. 

Will Delilah return for ‘A Million Little Things’ Season 4?

In the Instagram post referenced previously, Szostak told fans that she would return to A Million Little Things. Delilah returns for the A Million Little Things Season 3 finale on June 9, 2021. She’s finally back from France and by the looks of the image above, Danny and Sophie are not happy with their mother. Delilah wasn’t written out of the show permanently, so fans should also expect her to return for A Million Little Things Season 4 in the fall of 2021.

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