'90 Day Fiance': Geoffrey Paschel's Acting History Has No Shortage of Violent Characters

Geoffrey Paschel has been a controversial force as a cast member on the reality TV show 90 Day Fiance. After he faced accusations of domestic violence and other legal troubles, fans took up a petition to get Paschel removed from the show.

Because of the accusations against him and the angry fans who do not want to see someone violent on the screen, Paschel was not invited to the tell-all special. Interestingly, Paschel’s own history of acting shows a pattern of portraying violent characters.

While plenty of people play violent parts without carrying those tendencies over into their own lives, fans can’t help but see similarities between the characters Paschel has portrayed and his real-life accusations. 

Geoffrey Paschel was not happy about being banned from the tell-all

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Prison Story Time I am going to try making a weekly post telling my story—maybe it will change some paths in life. My specific path sucked & I only want to share so people who are in similar shoes can at least attempt to make a change. As seen on tonight’s episode, I didn’t share it w/Varya. I am not proud of the experience & I have always hidden from it. . I was handed down my sentence & I was immediately cuffed & shackled. They yanked me away as I was asking to hug my significant other goodbye. I was whisked through a back door, thrown into a van, & carted off. I turned around & looked out the back window & saw my ex chasing after the van, crying & screaming for me. It was a very surreal moment. This was the beginning of the next couple of years; I was going to be locked away. . During the ride, I looked down at myself & realized I was roughly 130 or so pounds of nothing & I had no idea what I was getting into. I tried to look out the window & enjoy the last bit of being on the “outside”, but I kept dwelling on the feeling that I was going to be in trouble when I got to my destination. It was then that I asked one of the guards if I was going to be ok. I will never forget him looking back at me, smiling, & muttering, “You’re fucked.”. . It was time to swallow my pride & put on my game face. I was this very scared 20 something year-old kid taking on this very fake & newly-acquired fearless persona in order to make it…successfully. We rode for a couple of hours & finally made it to my first destination. My new home for a bit… . We pulled up & I was jerked from the van. After all the monotonous BULLSHIT of intake, I was told to grab a mattress & a toiletry bag. Next, they guided me through numerous locked doors until I arrived at my “pod”. They opened the last door to my first taste of confinement… . The smell was that of sweat, body odor, & musty piss, & I knew this was going to be "my smell" for as long as I was here. I scanned my options for where to throw my mat & settled for a top bunk against a wall so I would have at least one side protected. As I lay down & tried to close my eyes, I hoped that I would wake up & realize this was all a terrible dream…

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TLC brought many of the 90 Day Fiance cast members together for a tell-all special that gave fans behind-the-scenes looks at what went down for the couples. Paschel, however, was noticeably absent from this special.

When fans learned more about Paschel’s violent and criminal past, they voiced disappointment with TLC for giving him a platform. Paschel’s past includes a 30-month prison charge for drugs when he was just 19 years old.

More recently, Paschel’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of harrowing domestic violence. In June 2019, Paschel was arrested for those charges, which include allegations that he “repeatedly bashed/slammed [his girlfriend’s] head into the hardwood floors of [her] home.”

While neither TLC nor Paschel has said much about how the surfacing of these details and the fan reaction has impacted his participation on the show, the decision not to include Paschel in the tell-all is likely directly related. 

Geoffrey Paschel denies the accusations

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We all feel like we know ourselves, but do we really? It is easier, at least for me, to sit back & evaluate a stranger as opposed to “knowing” the true me. I have had trouble all my life with self-awareness & so terribly critical of myself. Maybe I am alone in that thought, but I would like to believe other people have these same continuous, intrapersonal dialogs. . I have always been that supportive person who would take on other people’s problems as my own. After all, my love language, which I have been trying to diversify recently, has always been acts of service. Whether it be my family or even complete strangers, I love to help others de-stress & solve their issues. I am the guy that stops to fix a flat tire, picks up a random hitchhiker, or saves a mouse on a glue trap. It just seems like it is the right thing to do & I never ponder an alternative. . On the flip side, I have always wanted the satisfaction of appreciation. Some of my worst fears are that I will be superfluous, replaceable, or just unworthy of love. In every relationship I have been in, I have always tried to glue the broken pieces together and, in the end, it is just a patchwork of suppressed problems due to my inability to admit failure in conjunction with an apathetic attitude from my partner. When there was turmoil of any kind, I just wanted to suppress it and move on. This obviously doesn’t work for everyone. . My brain says I need symbiotic relationships where we feed each other’s wants, needs, & desires, but my heart says that I want to be a part in making the other person the best he/she can be. This altruistic behavior actually can be self-depleting; putting other’s devices above my own often means I am neglecting myself. I yearn for others to be happy above all else and it takes its toll. . I took the Enneagram test…it has opened my eyes to why I feel the way I do. I am a type 2: “the supportive advisor." It completely encompasses who I am & confirms my longing for acceptance, and appeases my pleasing, nurturing, and empathetic nature. It is all consuming at times, but I cannot see wanting to change a thing. I feel in tune with the world and I will allow my heart to lead the way.

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For his part, Paschel has denied any wrongdoing in the case with his ex-girlfriend. He claims that the accusations against him — coming from not one but two women in his past — are part of a child custody dispute meant to discredit him. He is clearly still trying to be a part of the show and maintain his fan base despite the controversy. 

While he was banned from participating in the official tell-all, that hasn’t stopped Paschel from taking to Instagram to weigh in on the show’s other participants and otherwise stay connected to viewers. These opportunities to speak directly to fans about his side of the story have kept Paschel in the headlines even as the show creators seem to distance themselves from him.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting to see how the rest of Paschel’s story plays out on the show itself, so it’s unlikely that he will simply fade away amidst the controversy. 

Several violent roles fill Geoffrey Paschel’s acting resume

Paschel is an actor who has several small roles under his belt. Ironically, many of these roles have given him the opportunity to portray violent and disturbed characters. In an episode of Snapped: Notorious, Paschel portrayed the BTK killer.

BTK was a real-life serial killer named Dennis Rader who murdered at least 10 women between 1974 and 1991. The initials stand for “bind, torture, kill,” pointing to the murderer’s preferred method for destroying his victims. This is not the only criminal role Paschel has had on-screen. In the TV series Murder Calls, Paschel portrayed a “masked intruder” for one episode. 

To be fair, Paschel’s television history also includes the portrayal of several people on the right side of the law. In fact, he has made frequent appearances on-screen as police detectives. Still, a consistent connection to violence and its appearance on the screen is not exactly helpful to Paschel’s current attempts to clear his name from any association with the accusations against him. 

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