50 Cent's war with rival rapper The Game will be exposed in new Starz drama tracking 'massacre' in the streets

50 CENT'S war with rival rapper The Game will be exposed in a new Starz drama tracking 'massacre' in the streets.

The 45-year-old had huge success with the network thanks to drama Power, which he produced and starred in.

Now, as well as a number of Power spin-offs, 50 has reportedly signed up for two other series according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The rapper's production company G-Unit Film and Television will work on Moment in Time: The Massacre, which “will explore the true stories in which iconic hip hop moments collided with the sensational and sometimes criminal events behind-the-scenes,”

The first season is expected to focus on the tension between 50 Cent and fellow rapper The Game, which began in 2005.

It lead to an all-out street war, with G-Unit going up against music impresario Jimmy Henchman, which culminated in a murder-for-hire plot and Jimmy serving a life sentence in prison.

Meanwhile the second project in the works takes a totally different direction and tracks sports agent and lawyer Nicole Lynn, a young Black woman who manages to succeed in the highly-competitive – and male-dominated – world of sports agents.

50's character in Power, Kanan, is getting his own prequel spin-off, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, which is set in the 90s and follows a younger Kanan, Ghost and Tommy.

The news of 50's latest ventures comes after Power's show boss Courtney Kemp hinted Tommy Egan could return to Power Book II: Ghost.

The spin-off's season premiere saw Tasha, Tariq’s mum, claim her innocence while on trial for murdering her husband James Ghost St. Patrick.

It was actually Tariq who shot his dad, but Tasha won’t let him own up to the crime and the blame falls to his mother.

However, she is trying to hold Tommy Egan responsible instead.

Speaking to TVLine, showrunner Courtney revealed her decision wasn’t premeditated.

She said: “[Tasha] knows that Tariq wants her to say his own name… and she can’t. She can’t bring herself to do it, so she says it’s Tommy.”

Tasha and Tariq had originally planned to make sure Dre would be blamed for Ghost’s death, however, he was ruled out as a suspect earlier on in the episode.

Referencing an earlier part of her interview, she added: “Remember how I said a familiar face would show up at some point?

“I don’t know: If somebody said in court that I did something that I didn’t do, I might feel compelled to show up, maybe, and talk to them about it?”

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