WWE News: Here’s Who Got Called Up From NXT

The McMahon family promised fresh faces, and they announced some major NXT call-ups to back up their promise.

Leading into Monday Night Raw tonight, WWE advertised that Vince McMahon would appear on the show to “shake things up.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, basically all Vince, Stephanie, Shane, and Triple H did was talk. They said they’re going to listen to the fans. They said they were going to bring in some fresh faces. They said a lot of things, but they didn’t really do anything different.

They followed up the opening of the show with a nonsensical match where the heel was completely outnumbered by the babyfaces, creating a situation where it was hard to hate the bad guy.

After that match, things settled down and it started to feel like a normal episode of Raw. Then, the WWE cut to an interview with Shane McMahon where he was finally asked the question all fans were thinking: what do these changes actually mean?

From there, the WWE announced that six people (four singles competitors and a tag team) would be called up from NXT to the main roster. They didn’t offer any idea of what would happen with these performers or to which brand they’d go, but they did announce that they are heading to the main roster.

The superstars coming up to the main roster are:

  • Lars Sullivan
  • Lacy Evans
  • Heavy Machinery (Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight)
  • EC3
  • Nikki Cross

The WWE has already been pushing the arrival of Lars Sullivan and touting him as one of the hottest free agents who could end up on either brand. At this point, it still hasn’t been announced to which brand he will go.

Lacy Evans could end up on either show, as there’s no particular storyline that makes sense for her. She works the ladylike gimmick while cheating to win as a heel, which would work well with any of the WWE’s babyface talent.

Heavy Machinery is a great tag team that works a babyface big-men style. Dozovic oozes charisma and personality and is definitely someone to keep an eye on when he comes to the main roster.

EC3 was ready for the main roster the moment he was signed to NXT, as he’s been the top performer in Impact (formally TNA) for some time. He has the personality and looks to be a top performer in WWE without question.

It would make sense for Nikki Cross to end up on SmackDown Live with the rest of Sanity. Perhaps the group will finally get the push fans have been hoping for if it is rounded out with one of the best members from its NXT run.

One of the biggest issues fans have with the WWE is the company failing to use some of the wrestlers they love. Calling up more people clutters up the roster even more, which makes time on Raw and SmackDown even more of a premium. It’ll be interesting to see how WWE manages to fit all of these new performers into things.

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