What needs to happen for Giants to sneak into NFL playoffs

All roads do not lead to the playoffs for the Giants. In fact, almost none of them get them there. Still, the Giants, at 5-8, are not mathematically eliminated from the postseason, even though they have no chance to win the NFC East and would have to get in via an NFC wild-card berth.

At first, the Giants must win their remaining three games, against the Titans, at Indianapolis and in the home regular-season finale against the Cowboys. They also need loads and loads of help. Here is their “best” path to the playoffs:

— The Giants win their last three games to get to 8-8.

— The Seahawks beat the Vikings on Monday night.

— The Panthers lose two of their last three games (Saints, Falcons, Saints).

— The Eagles lose two of their last three games (Rams, Texans, Redskins).

— The Vikings lose two of their last three games (Dolphins, Lions, Bears).

— The Packers lose one of their last three games (Bears, Jets, Lions).

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