What is Jake Paul’s boxing record?

Jake Paul recently took on Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul is undefeated in his boxing career so far and has dealt some knock-outs in his short time in the sport.

He first took the ring on 25 August 2018 when he went up against fellow YouTuber Deji (channel name ComedyShortsGamer). Paul won that fight and it spurred him on to pursue more.

As he experienced more wins he started to call out bigger names, the most notable being Conor McGregor. The Irish star has turned down any opportunity to fight Paul and has commented on him and his brother Logan.

He told YouTube Boxing: “I couldn’t care about them two dingbats. I don’t see so, but never say never. If they’re gonna keep competing and whatnot, who f—ing knows? But dingbats, the two of ‘em.”

And while McGregor is known for his trash talk on Twitter, Paul has given his fair share in an attempt to goad the former UFC champion to get in the ring.

Paul tweeted: “You can tell Conor has lost ‘it.’ He no longer speaks from a place of authenticity & you can tell he’s trying to convince himself of his own lies.

“He takes offense to everything now. He’s bathing in his own insecurity’s. When we fight I will further expose him for the fraud he is.”

Conor McGregor has turned down a fight against Paul

What is Paul’s boxing record?

Paul has four wins, no losses and no draws on his impressive record so far.

He has fought in five bouts but his first was an amateur fight against KSI’s brother Deji, they fought on the undercard of their brothers’ event.

Since then he has defeated AnEsonGib, a fellow YouTuber, former basketball player Nate Robinson and MMA fighters Ben Askren and Tyrone Woodley.

When is his next fight?

Paul hasn’t confirmed who his next fight will be against but the bookies have the favourites, at a combined odds of 7/2, as McGregor or Tommy Fury.

Fury has said he is open to bouting Paul following his recent successes in the ring but the American has been accused of dodging the fight.

When asked about it after fighting Fury, Paul said: “Honestly, we will see. I’ve been boxing for 18 months, I haven’t been to the dentist, I haven’t had my hair cut in like two years, my teeth are crooked, my nose is crooked,” he said in the ring after the fight.


“I’ve dedicated the past 18 months to this, I haven’t stopped. I think I need to chill out for a second, figure out who I am.

“I’m only 24, I’m changing, I’m growing, I’m learning a lot, I’m going through ups and downs, making mistakes, but I’m keeping my head on straight. I’ll get back in the gym when I’m ready and we’ll see.”

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