Vicious hockey injury leaves bloody mess on the ice

A word of warning: Don’t watch the video if you’re squeamish. Or you just ate. Or you don’t like the sight of blood. If any of these is true, this brutal hockey injury won’t be to your liking.

Late in the third period of the Blackhawks’ win over the Stars on Thursday, Chicago’s Connor Murphy got nailed by a stray elbow from Dallas forward Tyler Pitlick.

Murphy immediately dropped to the ice and covered his face. Moments later, blood begins to pool on the ice, at first slowly, then in a spray.

Murphy was on the ice for nearly a full minute as the trainer attended to him. He skated off under his own power while holding a bloodied towel to his face.

It was unclear whether there was any ill intent on Pitlick’s part, but no penalty was called on the play.

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