USA Cricket aims to become full member of ICC by 2030

An ambitious blueprint with the objective of the United States being upgraded
to a full member of the International Cricket Council by 2030 has been announced by the country’s governing body.

USA Cricket’s foundation plan aims to grow engagement, increase participation, improve its national teams, operate sustainably and build trust across the local cricket community through until the end of 2023.

Its long-term goal in ‘building a platform for American cricket’ is to join the ICC’s top table, currently comprising of the 12 Test-playing nations, with Afghanistan and Ireland the last to join the group in June 2017.

“The launch of this foundational plan is the culmination of a lengthy but important piece of work, which now sets the roadmap for the development of the sport in the United States over the next few years,” USA Cricket chairman Paraag Marathe said.

“We are extremely proud to present this plan to the entire cricket community across the country and we look forward to working with them to deliver on its commitments.

“Many of the underlying initiatives that have been identified still need to be developed, and that reflects USA Cricket’s embryonic stage of development.

“We have been encouraged by the great progress that we have been able to make across a number of different areas despite the obvious challenges of these times, and we anticipate that our growth will accelerate now that the organisational direction has been very clearly set.”

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