Tim Sylvia KNOCKS OUT his rival in a brutal slap fighting championship

Former UFC heavyweight champion KNOCKS OUT his rival with a sickening blow in ANOTHER brutal slap fighting league, where he’s competing despite suffering ‘blunt force trauma’ in his career

  • Former UFC champion Tim Sylvia won on his Slap Fight Championship debut
  • Sylvia’s participation came despite health concerns over slap fighting events
  • His MMA career ended after a scan showed showed signs of blunt force trauma 

Former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Sylvia made a brutal and victorious debut in the latest Slap Fight Championship by knocking out his opponent in Oklahoma City.

Sylvia became the first former MMA fighter to compete in the controversial Slap Fighting Championship when he faced ‘the Bouncer’ in the super heavyweight division.

The 47-year-old, known as ‘the Maine-iac’ during his MMA career, shared footage of him knocking out his rival on social media.

Footage showed Sylvia brutally slapping his opponent around the face, leading to him stumbling back and falling to the floor.

The blow led to Sylvia winning the contest in the fifth round to secure the super-heavyweight title.

Former UFC fighter Tim Sylvia, right, won his first Slap Fight Championship title in Oklahoma

Sylvia was a five-time UFC heavyweight champion before having to end his career in 2015

The five-time heavyweight champion ended his UFC career with a record of 31 wins and 10 defeats.

Sylvia suffered three consecutive losses in his final UFC bouts and last featured in the promotion when he was beaten by Ruslan Magomedov in a super heavyweight contest in 2013.

An attempt to return to MMA was ended two years later, after he failed to receive medical clearance to fight Juliano Coutinho.  

His manager Monte Cox said at the time the Mohegan Athletic Unit had found signs of blunt force trauma in an MRI scan.

‘Basically what they’re saying is there’s damage from blunt force trauma,’ Cox told ESPN. ‘He’s got damage there. Does it affect his everyday life? Not so far. 

‘Not that he can tell – but it’s certainly something to pay attention to.’   

Ben Rothwell, who previously faced Sylvia in the UFC heavyweight division, questioned the American for competing in the Slap Fight Championship, citing the MRI scan Sylvia had in 2015.

‘The new MRI I took was clear with no problems,’ Sylvia replied. ‘But my knees don’t allow me to run and do cardio any longer so I could no longer make the weight.


Two competitors stand at a podium and trade open-palm slaps 

The duel is watched by three judges – two directly observing the fight and one analyzing replays

Each competitor must have a mouth guard and ear protection in place

There must be supporters near the competitor, to prevent them from falling after a slap

Before taking their shot, the players rub talcum powder on their hands

Feet position must be maintained before, during and after the slap

It is forbidden to strike the temple, orbit, nose, ear or larynx

The judges will make the final, irrevocable decision of the bout

Competitors can also win via KO, TKO or disqualification

Slap-fighting events have been heavily criticised over the potential risks for competitors

‘Ben thx for your concern. Like I said there is nothing wrong with my brain. I am willing to bet our MRI would look the same.

‘Taking out of context, the MRI wasn’t clear and couldn’t be read, so I had to take another one. 

‘What they did see was what they thought was trauma from 16 years in a contact sport. Mine looks just like any other fighter competing that long.’  

Neuroscientists have criticised the brutal sport due to the risk of brain injuries for its participants.

The Slap Fight Championship was previously known as Punchdown and is the main rival to Dana White’s controversial Power Slap league.

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