Tiger Woods ‘asked Michael Jordan for advice on how to pick up women’ before infamous sex scandal downfall – The Sun

MICHAEL JORDAN has revealed he gave sex tips to Tiger Woods – but that might be on a par with comedian Jimmy Carr giving advice on tax avoidance.

Basketball legend Jordan and golf icon Woods were both stung by sex scandals which marred their careers.

The 57-year-old former Chicago Bulls star has revealed how he tipped off 15-time Major winner Woods on how to be successful with the ladies.

Jordan, speaking on ESPN's The Last Dance series, which focuses on Bulls' stunning 1997-98 campaign, has given an insight into his stunning life.

That might brush over the many sex scandals that marred the career of Jordan – said to be worth £2.1BILLION.

Woods, 44, himself saw his brand badly damaged by the sex scandal of 2009 when his marriage broke up after it was revealed he had a string of women.

But the best bit of advice on the ladies Woods got from Jordan, according to ESPN, was back in 1996 when he told the young prodigy: "Just go tell them you're Tiger Woods."

Woods and Jordan went on to become close pals.

However, when the golf legend was starting out he was warned not to have anything to do with the notorious Jordan.

Lawyer John Merchant, a friend of the Woods family, had urged them not to let the young Stanford University student near his idol.

But the youngster did not take that advice and instead forged a close bond with the Chicago icon.

It was back in a New York nightclub in 1996 that Woods allegedly approached Jordan for his famous advice to help attract the opposite sex.

At that time Tiger, then just 20, felt shy and awkward around women and having Jordan – pals with President Bill Clinton – helped build his confidence.

As Woods' stature grew with Major after Major, his golden boy reputation went the other way, ending in the breakdown of his marriage to Elin Nordegren, the mother of his two children.

Six-time NBA champ Jordan, who once reportedly lost $5million in a Las Vegas casino, perhaps is not the best role model despite his brilliance on a court.

In 2006, an Illinois judge determined that Jordan did not owe his alleged former lover Karla Knafel $5million.

Jordan had allegedly paid Knafel $250,000 to keep their relationship a secret.

Lawyer Merchant told Yahoo Sports: "Michael can play basketball as well as anyone who’s ever played the game.

"There isn’t anything else that Michael is good at doing. Nothing! And he’s had too many years of being out there in public. So he’s going to try to use you."

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