Simeone mocked on social media for obvious mistake in chess picture

Atletico Madrid boss Diego Simeone is mercilessly trolled for sharing a picture of a VERY serious chess game with his son… as followers point out there’s no KING on the board (which is the wrong way round!)

  • Diego Simeone shared a picture from his holiday playing chess with his son 
  • Fans spotted a glaring error on the chessboard as the king was missing 
  • Simeone was mocked on social media for ‘not knowing the rules’ of chess
  • The International Chess Federation offered him a ‘crash course’ in the game 

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has been mocked on social media over a now deleted post of him playing chess with his son Giovanni, the Hellas Verona striker.

He shared the picture from his holiday in the Maldives on his Twitter account, in which he captioned the snap with the message: ‘Family holidays for the Simeones. Cholo and Gio in a duel that requires a lot of concentration.’

Followers were quick to spot a glaring error however, as Simeone was playing without a king – the most crucial piece on the board.

Fans were quick to mock Diego Simeone after they noticed a glaring error on his chess board

Simeone was playing without a king, which led to him being mocked by football fans on social media – with even the International Chess Federation offering him a ‘crash court in chess’

One Twitter user commented: ‘How’s Simeone playing chess with no king.’

A host of people also insisted the board needed turning around 90 degrees to be in the correct position – with the International Chess Federation even getting themselves included in the act. 

They wrote: ‘Please tell them that when they return to Madrid we will be happy to offer them a crash course in chess – and invite them to visit the Candidates Tournament, which is taking place at the moment in the city.’

Diego Simeone has been criticised during his time at Atletico Madrid for his negative style

Another person wrote: ‘Way funnier when you realise Simeone doesn’t have a king and the right squares are on their left sides. This is not a game of chess!’

Malcolm Bradbrook described it as a ‘classic PR fail’ as he added: ‘Try to prove you’re a deep-thinker by being picture playing chess but neglect to research the rules of the game.’

The 52-year-old Atletico Madrid manager is known for his defensive style and found himself in the firing line in last season’s Champions League, with people criticising their ‘negativity’ during the knockout rounds. 

A number of people joked that it was not an error by Simeone, but that he was in fact ‘parking the bus’, given the aim of chess is for a player to defend their king. 

Idris Sule wrote: ‘He hid the king under the board. Parking the bus at its finest.’

Twitter user @kaybye wrote: ‘Not weird for a guy who plays football without a forward.’

Rutviks17 added: ‘Man’s positioned in his pawns in a low block too!’

One person joked that Simeone’s tactics were smart as they wrote: ‘Think about it, you can’t be checkmated if you have no king.’

Real Madrid fan Luis Moscardo wrote on Twitter: ‘Simeone playing without a king to ensure a 0-0 draw.’

Despite his perceived negative style of play, the Argentine has won two LaLiga titles during his time at the helm of the club – most recently in the 2020-21 season.

He also reached the Champions League final twice, losing to Real Madrid in 2014 and 2016. 

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