Saskatchewan Huskies women’s hockey team goalie quietly confident

The Saskatchewan Huskies women’s hockey team has four regular-season games left and hopes to have a long playoff run.

Goaltenders are the last line of defence, and for the Huskies that’s Jessica Vance, who has seven shutouts thus far this season.


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“It’s like when somebody’s at the top of a mountain and then they come back down and they start helping other people up,” Huskies defenceman Leah Bohlken said.

“It really gives you that extra push and makes you want to do better, because you see her stand on her head and make, like, a great save and then your just like ‘OK, now let’s take it to the other end; let’s give Jess a break.’”

“One of my main goals is to lead by example and I even try that in practice. I mean, battling through every puck and that’s something I really learned coming to university,” Vance said.

When it comes to Vance’s demeanor, her U Sports team said she is quietly confident.

“She has spoken up in the dressing room before and that’s an extra ‘OK, everybody listen up, she’s got something to say. Listen.’ because she doesn’t say much,” Bohlken said jokingly.

“She’s just quiet confident. Just knows what’s she’s good at. She’s real humble, a real humble person. That comes up in her game,” Huskies head coach Steve Kook said.

Saskatchewan (14-10) is in Calgary this weekend to face the Mount Royal Cougars (9-15), and finishes the regular season next weekend with two games at Merlis Belsher Place versus the University of Manitoba Bisons (18-6).

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