Roy Keane 'annoys me' as a pundit says Ian Holloway who feels Man United icon 'can't wait to get a dig in at Liverpool'

IAN HOLLOWAY has criticised Roy Keane's punditry for having more than a hint of an anti-Liverpool bias.

The veteran manager finds it annoying that the Man United legend 'can't wait to get a dig in' at their fierce rivals whenever possible.

The former Blackpool boss feels current Premier League managers remain under intense scrutiny this season even without the presence of fans in stadiums.

He put this down to some of the broadcast coverage around matches with high-profile figures like Keane delighting in pointing out every flaw made throughout a match.

He pointed to the post-match coverage of Liverpool's 0-0 draw against Man United on January 17 as an example of an overly downbeat assessment being offered by Keane on Klopp's team.

He said: "I take my hat off to all of them because I understand the pressure of how you might feel because of the media. The media cause a lot of this.


"There's no fans but they're on at you all the time at that level.

"There's also a part of learning how to deal with them.

"I thought Jurgen Klopp last night was magnificent in dealing with what happened and the game and how proud he was of his team.

"Because he's lost some major, major players. And Man United haven't really lost any of them yet.

"I found it interesting because Roy Keane annoyed me a bit yesterday.

"He's all 'we're doing well again' and he couldn't wait to get a dig in at Liverpool."


Keane's blunt style of punditry has clearly annoyed Klopp himself at times this campaign.

The German took issue with a comment he overheard Keane make after their 3-1 win against Arsenal in September.

The Cork native had said Liverpool had had some 'sloppy moments' in spite of the win.

A fuming Klopp ignored the traditional routine of banal post-match interviews to grill Keane on what he meant by that.

He said: "Did Mr Keane say we had a sloppy performance tonight?

"He must have been watching a different game. Nothing was sloppy. This game was exceptional.

"The football we played was absolutely exceptional."

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