Rihanna Caught Checking Out Unlikely Los Angeles Lakers Player During Recent Game

Alex Caruso will probably never be the first name that comes to mind when you think Los Angeles Lakers, but the Texas guard appeared to have caught the eyes of world-famous star Rihanna during a home game against the Utah Jazz on the weekend.

Lakers fans were out in full force for the team’s home opener against the Jazz on Friday following a crushing loss to the Clippers on opening night. And Rihanna, a regular Staples Center attendee, seemed pretty impressed with the former G League star.

The music and film personality sat courtside and probably chose the wrong moment to give Caruso “the eyes” as cameras and fans quickly caught on. You could see her reaction in the video below.

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Rihanna is known to be an ardent LeBron James fan and, despite the three-time champion featuring heavily, the Caru-show was what caught her attention.

The 25-year-old played 20 minutes in the Lakers’ 95-86 win, scoring only two points, yet he may have made a huge fan out of the Caribbean-born singer.

Caruso also made a good enough impression to earn himself a two-year deal worth $5.5 million with the Lakers, signing said contract in July on the back of an impactful personal campaign for the team during the 2018/19 season.

He did not play in the loss against the Clippers but logged 20 minutes against Utah last Friday and played another 13 in his side’s win against the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday, scoring five points and grabbing two rebounds along with an assist.

He is expected to play around 10-15 minutes a game moving forward, with Avery Bradley laying claim to the starting point guard role while Rajon Rondo works his way back to full health.

Despite his modest looks, Caruso is a solid baller who looks like he can hit his shots off the court too. He boasts a pretty hot girlfriend and now, perhaps, Rihanna’s admiration.

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