Punter Marquette King, out of NFL since 2018, wonders why he has been shunned by league

Before Marquette King retires, he wanted to ask one more time why he can't get a job in the NFL. 

King has been out of the NFL since a rocky 2018 stint with the Denver Broncos. The former Raiders punter went from one of the best in the league to out of a job. He's just 32 years old, and plays a position in which some last until their late 30s or longer. 

On Monday morning, as a last-ditch attempt, King tagged the NFL on Twitter and wondered why he couldn't punt for a team if he was good enough. 

Marquette King asks why he's not in NFL

King's tweet referenced a pending retirement, but he wanted answers first. 

If this is a performance based business @NFL and I’m really good at what I do “All pro” why am I being ignored? I just want an answer before I hang this up…

— Marquette King (@MarquetteKing) April 12, 2021

Being quiet wasn’t working… sorry y’all.

— Marquette King (@MarquetteKing) April 12, 2021

King was a second-team All-Pro in 2016. He also led the league in yards per punt all the way back in 2013. He signed a five-year, $16.5 million deal with Oakland in 2016 and a three-year, $6 million deal with the Broncos, which is good money for a punter. He was valued. 

The problem, presumably, is that teams generally don't want their punters generating headlines. King produced more than a few in Denver even though he played just four games with the Broncos. He took shots at the Raiders and their coach Jon Gruden, acted like he was unhappy in Denver from the start of training camp, confronted a Denver radio host, went on IR (and was cut afterward) and then said the Broncos changing his kicking style resulted in his injury. 

That's a lot for just four games with a team. 

King still kicking

The NFL can be a weird place. In general, teams don't like players expressing themselves, which King did with the Raiders and Broncos. The quieter the better, especially from a punter. It's not fair it has been a constant theme through 101 seasons of NFL football. 

King probably is one of the 32 best punters available, and he's still working out. This month he posted this cool video, with many retweets from fans wondering why he wasn't in the NFL. 

My Accuracy is dumb… 🎯🎯🎯 pic.twitter.com/wc9ywrtXAy

— Marquette King (@MarquetteKing) April 10, 2021

King's plea might not work, but he didn't know what else to do. He sounds frustrated enough that if it doesn't work, he might be done with football for good. 

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