Premier League Big Six to make THIRD attempt to bring in five subs next week with Klopp and Guardiola leading calls

BIG Six clubs will make a THIRD attempt to bring in five subs to the Prem this week.

The move will be backed by top bosses led by Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola.

But the clubs are growing increasingly angry at Prem bosses for failing to push strongly for the move.

And that risks opening a serious rift among the Prem elite.

SunSport revealed the letter from PFA chief Gordon Taylor that demanded League boss Richard Masters over-ruled the clubs to impose a switch back to five subs with immediate effect.

Taylor’s letter was forwarded to all 20 clubs on Friday evening.

Club leaders were told the matter will be put on the agenda at Thursday’s next meeting of the 20 ”shareholder” clubs.

But it is understood that Masters declined to follow Taylor’s wish that he made clear his support for the policy.

Instead of telling clubs that he strongly agreed with the PFA that the move was needed for reasons of “player welfare and health and safety”, Masters is said to have merely noted that clubs are divided but that there should be a further debate.

He also failed to make any comment about the Taylor email other than to confirm he had been asked to circulate it to all clubs.

We believe there has been a scandalous lack of leadership on this issue.

And that response has infuriated a number of Big Six clubs, who believe the chief executive has failed in his duties.

One club chief told SunSport: “We believe there has been a scandalous lack of leadership on this issue.

“This is too important to be left to the clubs without strong guidance.”

Another key club boss added: “It is simply ridiculous that the Premier League, which rightly sets itself as the best in the world, is so far behind everybody else on this.

“We expected Richard Masters and Gary Hoffam (the Prem chairman) to do the right thing.

“Instead, they don’t want to do anything.”

As SunSport revealed, Taylor wrote: “We have been very concerned, and remain so, about the physical load on players who are now frequently required to play every two or three days or so.

“The physical load on players is therefore hugely increased and the consequent fatigue that players are currently experiencing is leading to avoidable and distressing injuries.

“Premier League Managers have been expressing concern on behalf of their players and there was a strong consensus that the 5five subs rule should now be adopted.

“I therefore write to repeat our call to amend the rules in order to allow clubs to field five subs, with the number of substitutes on the bench increased to 9.

“This is now paramount in the interests of player welfare and health and safety.

“We respectfully request the Premier League Board of Directors and its Executive team to convince all of its member clubs to adopt and ask you to reintroduce the five subs rule with immediate effect.”

Any reversion to five subs will need the support of 14 clubs, with both previous votes – first in August and then in September – having been defeated by 11 votes to nine.

Last month, 15 of the 20 top flight managers agreed to lobby for a change.

But SunSport has been told that at least three club chiefs have said they will ignore the views of their own managers and vote to continue with only three substitutes.

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