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PEOPLE are only just realising why a marathon is 26.2 miles.

With 40,000 runners entering the London Marathon every year, many are unaware as to why they have to complete the gruelling number of miles.

The idea for a marathon first came about in 490 BC when a Greek messenger ran from Marathon to Athens to deliver news – which was just 25 miles.

However, in 1908 when the Olympic games were held in London, things changed.

It's since been suggested Queen Alexandra, the wife of then reigning monarch Edward VII, wanted the marathon to start in the grounds of Windsor Castle.

This was so kids in the Royal Family could watch from their nursery windows.


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With the finish line being in front of the Royal Box at the Olympic Stadium, it meant the distance would have been 26.2 miles.

The insight into the marathon's history comes less than a week after the big day.

And the ballot for 2024 is now open with potential participants only having until tomorrow to enter.

You can enter the ballot to run in the London Marathon 2024 on the TCS London Marathon website.

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