Paul Pogba celebrates new lease of life under Solskjaer by launching emoji app

The Manchester United star is enjoying a new lease of life post-Jose Mourinho after his brilliant performance at Cardiff yesterday.

He grabbed himself two assists and was involved in another two goals as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got off to a winning start as interim boss.

Pogba riled Gary Neville and plenty of others on Tuesday with his "caption this" Instagram post just minutes after Mourinho's sacking was confirmed.

The photo was said to have been scheduled in advance but Pogba was back on social media earlier with a "big announcement" to make and now he has revealed what it is.

After getting his own emoji last year, he has now released Pogmoji – and it is exactly what it says on the tin: an app just full of Paul Pogba emojis.

The idea is that users can download the app to be used as a keyboard on their phones and tablets.

They can then use the emojis in their text, just as us regular texters use 'Cry with Laughter' & Co in our Whatsapp chats and on social media.

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There are simple facial expressions – sorry PogFaces – smiling Pogba, winking Pogba, cool Pogba, sunglasses-wearing Pogba, smirking Pogba.

You name it, he's been emoji'd with it.

Thankfully for Pogba's super-fans, you can also get your dosage of PogHands, where – as you probably guessed – he is making various hand gestures.

There is also PogStuff – literally things the Frenchman likes – including a Playstation controller, fruit and, bizarrely, yellow and red cards.

If you wanted to send someone some of the items Pogba likes to wear, the app has got you covered.

Hats, backpacks, sunglasses and headphones all fall under the PogWear category.

Pogba is not one to mince his words but he is one to Gif his words.

That's right, the Pogmoji app allows you to use various PogWords, including "goal", "lol" and "dope" in animated form.

There is a Pog New Year section but it is PogMe where the best stickers can be found.

This section is full of Pogba doing some of his most famous actions – we're talking dance moves, dabs, celebrations and shooting a football.

It may not have been the kind of news your traditionalist Manchester United fan was expecting but this is Paul Pogba and this is 2018.

One Twitter user, @ImHulas, said: "I thought it might be contract extension."

Meanwhile, plenty of people replied to Pogba's announcement with appropriate Gifs.

But it is probably safe to say Graeme Souness won't be downloading it any time soon.

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