Paige VanZant splits the internet as she poses in just her OnlyFans underwear… with husband spotted on TOILET in mirror | The Sun

THE s*** splits the fans – as Paige VanZant divides opinion by posting a snap in underwear while her husband could be seen on the toilet.

It wasn't so much a poo-dunnit as a why-do-it as followers of the OnlyFans star questioned her judgement.

The former UFC fighter grinned for a mirror selfie in the living room  while making a peace sign.

But in the other half of the photo, hubbie Austin Vanderford's legs and heads can be seen as he sits on the throne studying his phone in the neighbouring bathroom.

Many of Paige's 3.2million Instagram followers appeared to think she crossed the chain barrier with her photo.

They refused to close the door on the debate as they they suggested that using the toilet should be private, especially, with your partner around.


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One said: "Maybe because I’m old fashioned or have something called standards or both.. Taking a s*** with the door open fine handle it but in front of your partner is a Hell NO."

Another disagreed: "Absolutely not.. this is love for sure."

But a third fan reckons MMA ace Vanderford might have been been using his phone for a flattering reason.

The Paige enthusiast posted: "He’s probably checking your OnlyFans."

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Some followers were simply unable to focus purely on the side of the pic with the model.

But at least one did NOT have double vision as he wrote: "You look absolutely stunning Paige!"

Overall, however, the verdict was a thumbs-down for the split-shot.

In fact, you might say fans thought it was a shame of two halves.

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