Paige Spiranac claims watching Julia Rose and Lauren Summers flash boobs at World Series was favourite baseball moment

PAIGE SPIRANAC has joked that watching models flash their boobs at the World Series was one of her favourite baseball moments.

Julia Rose and Lauren Summer memorably received a lifetime ban from the sport after their antics during the Washington Nationals tie against the Houston Astros in October 2019.

The pair hit the headlines for lifting their tops in front of current New York Yankees star Gerrit Cole and later claimed the stunt was in support of Breast Cancer awareness.

Former professional golfer Spiranac has now recalled the incident after the Tamba Bay Rays edged a tight 3-2 series win over the Yankees.

She tweeted: “This has been the most fun I’ve had watching baseball since I saw some boobies last year.”

One fan then responded: "I love boobies", to which Paige cheekily replied: "Don't we all."

The 27-year-old faced a much kinder comment section for her joke than the list time she made a jab about baseball.

Last week, Spiranac revealed that she was threatened with death threats by baseball fans after joking about the San Diego Padres.

Speaking on her podcast, the American social media star said: "I was under the perception that no one liked the Padres.

"In my 27-years I have never met a Padres fan, then I saw a video of everyone celebrating and being so excited in San Diego.

"I retweeted the video and said 'this is funny as no one turned up to their games when they sucked.' Then I had all these Padres fans… I got lit up!

"I ended up apologising and regretting it because I was getting death threats, people were like 'come to El Cajon and I will cut you.'

"Some guy called me a washed-up porn star, he said 'a washed-up porn star has no right talking about baseball – get back into it whore.'"

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